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  1. Ok. Fine I'm in for secret santa.
  2. Did you watch the new Harvey Birdman special?
  3. Only one episode but still. I'm hyped.
  4. Oh. My. God.
  5. bummer!!
  6. Remember that N64 book you showed me? i bought it on Amazon. It was out of stock. After a month Amazon said " never gonna get it" and gave me back the money.

  7. Confused.
  8. So I should be happy or confused?
  9. she's back.

    it's a relationship like that
  10. Damn. What can I say to that? Of course I don't know all the details (and you don't have to offer them, no pressure to do so) but out of now where? No warning? No signs? What the hell? All this time and then *poof* I mean WTF?

    I know I can't do much other than say I am sorry. i know this hurts but you are strong dude. You will endure because you must.

    I'm hear to listen if you need it.
  11. i only share all of this with you because I'm sure you can relate and i want you to know there are people out there struggling every day also. glad you are still around friend.

    how have you been?
  12. hey man, yes, thank you. my girlfriend said she was going out for coffee and moved to Utah. text me from the plane. Truly thought about suicide but not because I wanted to kill myself, i think that's fucking dumb, but because I couldn't process what was happening i didn't want to be in this space any more. I drove around aimlessly and wound up at my parents. I love my parents but we haven't had a super close relationship since my divorce. i've distanced myself from everyone and smoked pot every day for 3 years. it all came crashing down then i broke down with my parents for like 2 hours. man i fucking cried, like WAILING, for almost 45 minute. I think it was built up for years. i told them about the pot and eveything and they are idiot religious judgemental fucks but they told me how proud they were of me etc etc. it's been a rough week.
  13. You ok?
  14. amazing
  15. Helped me, after it broke me down.
  16. happy birthday buddy
  17. What do you want for your birthday?
  18. The 6th. Good. Mine is Nov 4. Must remember to send a gift.

    I have some cousins in Danville.
  19. its the 6th and we went to Danville
  20. Is your b-day nov 2 or 6? I forgot.

    Also you were in Kentucky? That is my state. Where did you go?
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