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    I was like "I bet if i google house templates, i'll find a lot"

    Didn't expect the first site to come up with 5000 builds, with full blueprints for all, for free. Lol

    Tonight I'm gonna go back in the nether, check out that house, and then try and go further. i wanna get my new base going on, ready to expand and ready to build a real home instead of just a shelter with storage. Which is all i have now

    I'm sure you experienced this but you may have more time to play, of which I'm insanely jealous lol. There is just so much to do it's so easy to get distracted and get none of it done lol. i need like a week off to play
  2. urabitch>:c
  3. Prune gang bitch
  4. i have no idea what im watching but i'm ecstatically happy that I am
  5. Whyd you text me yo and then nothing after I said what's up?
    Was it a "yo get on fortnite" and you didn't have time to finish the sentence? Lol
  6. If that isn't definitive proof we're the two best humans on Earth i really don't know what is
  7. apparently it makes things appear from other realities and not let you find them when you mention them to other people, too.

    because that video I watched is non-existent now.

    there are other ones but the one I saw was epic.

    it was a green haired chick skin, and she was in a cave. some dude jump pad glided in there and got shotgunned then the person built all around the cave and on the floor and put down two campfires when the storm hit, and then a third when one of the 2 ran out and then medkit and by that time the entire team on the other side had died. it was like 1 v 25. not as crazy as the one we were in where it was 42v2 and we lost lol
  8. marijuana affects the memory
  9. I was in a 50v50 with you where people did that to us it made me look it up lol

    Will send link when i get back to comp
  10. I fucking knew that would make twitch moments or something. There were 25 or 30 of us shooting the ground as the circle closed we were so fucking confused.

    They were in salty or shifty right?

    please link me, we were like WHAT THE FUCK IS HAPPENING
  12. i think I had to uninstall GTA for other games but i still have the save data. let me know if you're gonna play that and I'll re-download it, haven't played that in so long.

    fortnite would be cool too though. i watched videos of how those 2 people survived in the 50v50. campfires and medkits. fuckin' genius
  13. gonna be playign some fork knife later if you wanna join in dude. or GTA maybe, mikey will be there and he doesn't much like fortnite
  14. sorry to hear that buddy, how's she doing?
  15. My mom was in the hospital yesterday getting blockages cleared got out of surgery early spent time with her
  16. tonight is my last night on for a few days so quick fuckin around
  17. narp wasn't towards you at all
  18. I don't car what you post it just seems like lately you're going after me and I didn't know what was up or what I did
  19. i deleted the post either way now, so tired of making posts for anything other than to be goofy or enjoy myself.. i really gotta start learning how to filter what I post better -_-
  20. Definitely directed at Zander, because I'm assuming that's why he asked the question.
  21. "people trying to be famous on youtube helping people and oprah helping people..

    come on............"

    Is this directed at me?
  22. but yeah.. you level up your character and dodge/parry/counter attack+use your gun sometimes - if that's what you're asking. classes don't lean into it

    not saying there isn't a lot to it
    I didn't even play it until Burny told me it was good, because I couldn't get past the first enemy when I bought it
  23. classes I don't think matter much, I can't even remember what class I chose. Once you start leveling up and increasing your stats, the class doesn't even matter at all.
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