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  1. You sir are da real MVP
  2. made it The Ohio State dunno what his old one was
  3. Use your uber mod powers to remove or change mantis's user title. I asked him nicely several times and he said no.
  4. Would be cool if cliche got banned for a couple of days...
  5. Your doing God's work son.
  6. alright I got it blue again
  7. do what you can. I thank you.
  8. to be honest I dunno how to alter Wizzy's name because of his altered account I'll try though
  9. make wizzy's name blue.
  10. I request that no one is allowed to have "red" in their name. Only me.
  11. Lex should be banned for being a piece of shit. Many bans should occur.
  12. On behalf of the community, I urge you to ban cliche for one month. Just...because it is the right thing to do.
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