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  1. i feel like that should be a thing people know about though..

    sometimes people rep with a message they don't want other people necessarily seeing
  2. nightmarez left me that rep, i didn't rep him/say that. but that's weird. i thought only mods/admins could see rep. oh well. PM's it is
  3. I almost never use rep, but Cliche told me that rep is public and I didnt know that. After I left you a rep I noticed you left a rep to Nightmarez implying "I don't talk about this publicly" or whatever, but Im leaving this as a VM so you can see there is a reputation tab from this page

    have you played this one? i know you liked the blob one
  5. That rep made me so happy. I knew the Hulky I grew up with on TAO was still in there somewhere.
  6. seriously took away my mod? lol

    thought I was gonna be coming back tonight, but nevermind about that one

    If I wanted to delete all the threads I would've done it a long time ago.
  7. new one
  8. ah okay that makes sense
  9. Questionables, moved fight thread and babe of day to gd. I hadn't made it not private and apollo posted so I banned him and just moved those back.
  10. did you delete a forum section? it looks empty and I don't know why
  11. I thought I deleted it. I was trying a custom code in the CUT to make "asassin" blink to see if it'd work.
  12. dragonmaster123
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  13. "in case of emergency" contact list + you can add medical information or whatever(which is where the "Hulky did it" message is), old school flip phone. 2 poor 4 real phone

    it's been there since I got the phone I just remembered about it today when I was looking through it and saw it and laughed.
  14. I dunno what an ICE button is lol
  15. in my ICE button I listed you as "Hulky did it" in case i'm found dead

    hope that's cool
  16. Maybe you have to check the box you see, not me?
  17. did the fucking image not attach?

  18. ???
  19. lol you have to click the "yes" option and save it in the mod cp now im just stuck with that long user title
  20. you can edit cut meow
  21. my user title should be "Sexual Wank Pheasant"

    too bad i can't change it

  22. I activated it
  23. Can you activate ~slayer~ account please he's probably waiting for an email just been pming me I don't have the power to do it
  24. you can let kash know he's not banned anymore
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