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  1. glad to hear it. stick with it. it will be good.
  2. i made the brain doctor appointment, they specialize in eating disorders but do all kinds of mental health ETC. I said, "good, i got em all".
  3. I apologize. Kash will always be the worst. He negged me 7 times before I finally just blocked him.
  4. I dunno what I even said to make you say/think that, and yep I'm paying attention. I'm not trying to beef with anyone on these new forums, should have a clean slate.
  5. lol. Just making sure you're still paying attention. Plus, you seemed butthurt. I was just observing.
  6. "I think The Butcher is butthurt"

    the hell is this about dude? This is the 2nd time you've started shit with me? I'm getting butthurt..
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