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  1. Hit up my cell (sent to you on Facebook), we have 5 people total. Let me know what day you want to do stuff and the cost of whatever stuff you want to do. I will get back to you asap.
  2. Just wondering if you have the # of people. I'm booking a Humvee tomorrow; if you guys are not sure you can always book one of your own (battlefield Vegas). We can also meet up at other stuff.
  3. Did you manage to get the # of people going? I'm hoping to book the Humvee tomorrow.
  4. I cannot speak fo rthe entir egroup so I will talk to them and get back with you.
  5. Hey, you're staying at the Bellagio right? I will arrange for the Humvee to pick all of us up from there. I can walk to your hotel and meet you guys so we are picked up as a group.

    I was sent this by Battlefield Vegas: "Sir,

    I suggest booking your Humvee pick up now then deciding and purchasing your rentals when you arrive. Please confirm the day, date, time, location, total number of people and a mobile number."

    How does May 23 at 11am sound? We might be picked up ~20 minutes earlier. There is a total of five of you all together right? Once you confirm that 11am and the # of people you have I'll book it so it's finally reserved.
  6. So, what time are you currently reserved for? Also the name of the place?
  7. You guys are going to have to reserve your guns and times. I contacted them and asked if we could group up.
  8. Alright, as I said previously we will exchange numbers closer to the date. We can hammer out any details as necessary. Are we going to have to schedule a reservation or can we just hop along with you?
  9. For real. I'm okay just shooting shit. Someone else can use the tank.
  10. Uh, my buddies might be but I am not. This might be a little much. lol
  11. Yo, so that blowitupvegas doesn't allow the grenade launcher anymore. This site has a bunch of stuff though.

    I plan on going on May 23rd for the afternoon. They provide us transportation (10 minute drive) in a humvee.

    If you and your friends are REALLY looking to spend money...
  12. Yeah man, just let us know the best time for you. We are just going to be drinking / gambling for 5 days straight so we have no real schedule.
  13. Alright, I'll talk to the boys and see if they care what day.
  14. We should probably hammer out a day for the gun range so it can be booked. Im cool with any day, the 23rd probably works best.
  15. It costs a favour to the mafia.

    Also, this.
  16. Not sure how much that costs.
  17. Why not blow up strippers?
  18. Lol, we might be the first two TAOs to go to a strip club together or blow shit up together. Gonna be a good time.
  19. Change of plans. I'm going may 21 to 26. So we'll both be there at same time for s few days.

    Also my VM is now enabled.
  20. Which hotel you staying at? Solo travelling or got a group?
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