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    11-22-2023, 12:12 AM
    Serge posted a visitor message on KBHoleN1's profile
    IRT your song coincidence: Something similar happened to me a while back. My youngest son's name is Malcolm so we call him Mac a lot. One morning I just started singing Return of the Mack to him after not hearing or thinking about that song in...
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    09-25-2023, 01:54 PM
    The Butcher posted a visitor message on Wizzy's profile
    last night we gambled at the bandit camp for a couple hours and had an insane amount of fun.
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    09-22-2023, 10:05 PM
    The Butcher posted a visitor message on Wizzy's profile
    should get on tonight or if you dont want, im streaming our server rn
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  1. Hey Hulky

    Would you mind processing the trade between KB and I, because I think the trade deadline is this Saturday.
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    That's so interesting. I'm the complete opposite. I hyperfocus on the lyrics and don't really like music where I only like the instrumental and not the lyrics.
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    I meant Dorothy my autocorrect got me on that one, lol.
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    A while back you mentioned reading about Doris Day and today I was wondering if you've ever listened to the band Thrice. The singer/songwriter is a youth pastor (so not Catholic) but they have a similar world view I think. Their songs are all about philosophy and faith and some have a strong anti-war slant so I'd say while I don't know how they identify politically they definitely lean left. I don't know your taste in music but I definitely think you'd at least find their lyrics interesting.

    Edit: My favorite album by them is Beggars and my favorite song is In Exile from that same album.

    Edit: also I don't know if you like CS Lewis but that is one of the songwriters biggest influences.
  5. I'm sorry you're in the hospital, Hulky. No rush on the draft order. Thanks for doing that.
  6. Hey Hulky

    Could you the draft order when you get a chance? Appreciate it!
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    Your wife was right lol.
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    Have you seen this ridiculous GME thing? Melvin Capital got greedy shorting GME when it was at $4 and now it is over $150.
  9. Thanks man. I ended up pulling the borderless and a regular one. I finally got to use him, holy shit was it fun....for me.
  10. If the game ever launches will this forum be the forum for the game? Or is this going to stay as the reminiscence of the old TAO forum? Just curious...
  11. lol shows how much I understand the system
  12. TheNothing actually. I remember playing TAO with him
  13. The Nothing just pm'd me saying he can't post or anything

    can you activate his account or whatever
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    You reading a bit too much into this time Hulky.

    Tis was just a joke.
  15. Howdy!
  16. Sorry were you offended by that?
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    me and wizzy are planning on playing tonight around 9 or 930eastern time if youc an play dude
  18. Can I be a color somebody isn't? Like..idfk. tan?
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    i never attacked ach
    i never attached you

    you fucking went ape shit on me. not cool bro.
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    You sir are da real MVP
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    Use your uber mod powers to remove or change mantis's user title. I asked him nicely several times and he said no.
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    Would be cool if cliche got banned for a couple of days...
  23. i would like a custom rep. can it say something besides our name? if not that is cool..

    and can it be another color besides grey? if not that is cool too.

    Thanks a million,

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    I think Dom will keep negging me, I just have a feeling. Just a heads up.
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