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    peanuts are in the legume family

    legume nuts

    im losing my mind but this is the funniest thing ive ever come up with
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    they've kind of been around forever without anyone really knowing about them. super niche channel that has a little under 1mill subs and has been around since I think 2015 or 2016. they weren't always focused on their own channel though they've worked for some other big youtubers as editors and just recently started focusing fully on their own channel

    but they are the only 2 that have come close to the filthyfrank/maxmoefoe/idubbbz era of internet in terms of content in the last few years, as close as possible anyyway, and probably because they're in no way monetized on youtube with the stuff they do they don't get recommended by the algorithim I assumme

    i know you aint really into that stuff anymore but this was the first video I was introduced to them with
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    I know you're a pretty laid back dude so I felt comfortable coming to you and apologizing and owning up to my own mistakes. I think of you as a pretty good friend too and moreso over the last 2-3 years. Just kinda glad to get this off my chest.
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    VM cut me off. I was pissed basically because you specifically made it so I couldn't post in that channel because I was able to override the mods-only chat and it kinda bugged me that you thought I'd do anything in that channel to disrupt it

    but looking back, it was a dumb thing to get mad about. and it was really just me being mad at life
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    I don't know if you're being serious or just trying to move on but, either way would be good time to describe from my side
    I was having a pretty bad day and out of the blue you asked me to see if I could post in Poison Shadow's new tournament channel, and I said no I couldn't and I wasn't sure how he was even able to make it. and you said "I made it +p" or something very similar to that and I just responded "Ok fuck you then" and left the discord.
    To be fair to you it could have just seemed like a passing joke on my side. I'm not sure. It felt like sarcasm/joking way when I said it, but when I started to really fester on in it is when I decided to leave the discord and just try and step away from tao/tactics altogether and then what I said to you felt a little more real and I've just felt bad about it cause we haven't talked since then because I have DM's turned off except for friends and server members and I'm not in any tao servers anymore

    You ever hear of SuperMega?
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    you ever hear of supermega
    also why havent youever told me about supermega

    also that thing on discord was more a me thing than a you thing so i've felt bad about that for a while and even told BR that i still appreciate everything you've ever helped me with and felt bad about saying what i did
    and in the goodchance you haven't thought about that for a second since it happened, what are you even talking about? psh bruh i dont know
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    My mistake then. Read too fast.

    in today's age, there shouldn't be any "middle" people.
  11. Sup broe.
  12. Tyty
  13. Hey, get on fake TAO and lets play
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    You should check out what's going on in UnitOfTime's thread, you might be interested. Also AllFatherGray is asking for the models to TAO. Do you have them?

  15. made me think of you
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