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    Yesterday, 01:35 AM
    Hugh replied to a thread For MLB fans in Sports Discussion
    So the Ms are down 6 to 7 in the 9th, runners on 1st and 3rd with 2 outs and Nelson Boomstick Cruz at the plate, the one guy you want in that situation...and Segura gets thrown out stealing 2nd. You have got to be fucking kidding me.
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    08-12-2018, 05:35 PM
    Hugh replied to a thread For MLB fans in Sports Discussion
    So I write off the Mariners and they sweep the Astros in 4 games. This team drives me nuts.
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    08-12-2018, 04:55 PM
    Hulky replied to a thread For MLB fans in Sports Discussion
    I forget who was CF at the game I went to (maybe Dexter Fowler?) but he refused to get near the wall like he was scared to get hurt. This dude is a huge improvement at least defensively.
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    08-12-2018, 11:15 AM
    Hulky replied to a thread For MLB fans in Sports Discussion
    The rookie that got the walk off win with his first hit just had a sick defensive play: https://www.mlb.com/news/ramon-laureano-makes-incredible-throw-for-as/c-289951726
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    08-12-2018, 10:49 AM
    Hugh replied to a thread For MLB fans in Sports Discussion
    Yeah, he’s had it. Hard to imagine he’ll be around much longer. Officially below the Mendoza line. Nelson Cruz on the other hand is still killing it at 38. Having another great year and still a top power hitter. Boomstick > Joey Bats :)
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    08-09-2018, 09:33 PM
    Hulky replied to a thread For MLB fans in Sports Discussion
    they still wont carry it though lol
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    08-09-2018, 07:02 PM
    Hulky replied to a thread For MLB fans in Sports Discussion
    They gave away his jersey for one game if you went and tickets were like $30-$40. I almost went because none of the stores locally carry named As jerseys because the As just trade the guy away and the store has to discount the crap out of them.
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    08-09-2018, 01:11 AM
    Hulky replied to a thread For MLB fans in Sports Discussion
    awesome win
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    08-09-2018, 12:56 AM
    Hugh replied to a thread For MLB fans in Sports Discussion
    Just took the lead.:) The As are an amazing team. They blew by the Mariners like they were standing still. Can’t do anything but be impressed by how they always seem to find talent and be competitive.
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  • Hulky's Avatar
    08-09-2018, 12:08 AM
    Hulky replied to a thread For MLB fans in Sports Discussion
    I hope this holds and the As beat Clayton Kershaw 2-1
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    08-08-2018, 09:58 PM
    Hugh replied to a thread For MLB fans in Sports Discussion
    RIP 2018 Seattle Mariners. Ironic that after all the years of King Felix being great while the team sucked, he’s the biggest reason the team won’t make the playoffs this year. Sad really.
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    08-07-2018, 05:05 PM
    Hugh replied to a thread For NFL fans in Sports Discussion
    I don’t blame TO for not attending. Not only did he get completely disrespected by not being a first ballot, which is fucking ridiculous, but going through the ceremony with Ray Lewis would be unbearable.
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    08-05-2018, 05:20 PM
    moved to the football thread
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  • Hulky's Avatar
    08-05-2018, 01:27 PM
    Hulky replied to a thread For MLB fans in Sports Discussion
    Was pretty cool seeing that first game in the big leagues As OFer make that awesome throw, then win the OT game on his first hit deep.
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    08-05-2018, 01:41 AM
    Hugh replied to a thread Fight Club in Sports Discussion
    What a UFC card tonight. I was on the edge of my seat for both main events. Cejudo finally dethroned Mighty Mouse, something I was starting to think I’d never see. He had such a brilliant game plan and executed it perfectly, then he called out the...
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  1. I think it is a little less intense but not by much
  2. i'd 100% recommend paying the $16 on amazon for it. it's a fun game once you learn how to play
  3. i have it digitally downloaded, bought it for like $9 when I first got my PS4
  4. View Conversation
    I friended you on Twitch, which will make seeing your content easier as it will prompt me separately. I think you have to accept it though.
  5. Download OBS
    Download PS4 Remote Play
    Open OBS Software
    Go to facebook.com/live/create
    copy the stream code
    Enter stream code in the OBS Softare: File > Settings > Stream. area where it says "Stream Key" is where you'll paste the stream key.
    Add "display capture" in the source menu (Will be easier if you can use two screens, one for computer and one for your PS4)
    Open PS4 remote play, connect it with your PS4 (I did it manually)
    Settings > Remote Play > Add Device
    Add the code into the PS4 remote play application
    Click "Start Streaming" in OBS
    Click "Go Live" on facebook
    Stream PS4 without a capture card directly to facebook live.


    That's the quality it streams in the way I was just doing it.

    I'm mostly just proud of myself for figuring this out, because no way I can afford all the hardware that comes with streaming. Definitely cool to do it for basically free.
  6. You can stream to twitch, and youtube, and just post a link to your FB when you're streaming live. haha

    I know you like playing the older consoles too though. capture cards seem the only way to go for that
  7. so today is admittedly the first time I've ever tried to do this

    I'll PM you how to set up OBS and put all of this into something legible and easy to follow if you're gonna get the capture card, but you may be on your own after you get to the point where you need to find the file for the capture card to add the source into OBS
    but I think, once you get the capture card and connect it to your computer and PS4 via HDMI, the computer would recognize the capture card is connected to it, and you'd be able to select the capture card from a file and add it into the OBS sources so that it captures the video from your PS4.

    you're definitely gonna need a capture card. I've got OBS set up, it records my desktop and the sound that plays. i've got it all figured out up to the point where I physically need the capture card to know how to get any further though.
  8. i hit a bit of a speedbump with the captcha to link my PS4 to OBS, but seems like the easiest way to do it so far... unless you really plan on getting a capture card eventually. just setting it up and making sure it works so I know how to explain it the right way, also had no idea it was this easy. Will be nice to stream to whatever.
  9. View Conversation
    Suggestions for background info questions would always be good. Currently basing a lot of the questions on a lot of the reddit secret santa questions
  10. honestly it looked like you were streaming from a laptop webcam, it doesn't look terrible

    and if you're playing on PS4 all you do is share your video to Twitch or whatever other option they give you and it livestreams straight from your PS4 screen to Twitch (I think Facebook too, if not just post a link to your twitch that it sets up for you when you livestream)

    other than that, it's mostly just Bluetooth and other attachments for older systems. i can link you some stuff if you tell me what systems you wanna stream, but a lot of it is tweaking it on your own end for your own PC settings so that it streams well and isn't choppy.
  11. yeah, I'm back to getting 8ths for 50, if I'm lucky I'll get them for $40
  12. I was getting really good halfs for $100 up until a week ago

    it was too good to be true though and the guy started with the "tomorrow" and then "ah, yeah, nah gimme another day" and then stopped answering

    he was some crazy guy from long island that got 20+ pounds shipped in from cali, his brother was nuts

    so i guess it's kind of a good thing and a bad thing
  13. i gotta go pay my drug dealer lol
  14. I don't feel guilty at all. I am glad he's gone. He got off on putting people down and stating his opinions as fact, and anyone who questioned them got ripped to pieces, and anyone who tried to defend themselves were called out and told over and over again they're wrong, because he's right. Most of all me. But that was all in my head, according to him.

    Fuck that kind of attitude.
    Because he was an original mod he's untouchable and a God?
    I've known him probably longer than anyone here but Max and Hulky, he's always been asshole, and like you said, in a forum of 200 that's okay, and he was awesome there. In a forum of 20, and now maybe 5, not so much.
    Sucks that he decided instead of staying here for everyone, he'd take his ball and go home.
    So again, I don't feel guilty. I am angry. I think he's a bitch for leaving.
  15. I've thought about vibrams for disc golf. My current shoes are definitely not the best fit, but are very grippy which is great.

    I just bombed the annual course championship hard. Probably going to quit playing for a while.

    Which vibrams are you using?
  16. did you think I was diving deeper down the crazy hole than I already am before you saw the rep? haha
  17. dont want some asshole (zoticus) being a cunt, just FYI'ing in case it's important or not
  18. i have been throwing up so hard my heart hurts, could barely open my eyes yesterday

    feeling a bit better today, I didn't wanna just ignore you

    if I'm feeling any better to the point where I can look at a screen i'll definitely get in touch with you this week
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    Go about halfway down the page - the top half is the guy trying to explain the difference from video streaming to actual streaming.


    Above link is a for a laptop $729 - I tried to find it on Overstock but it was not available there.
  20. i noticed it looking pretty ghostly there lately. i drive past that place almost everyday to go smoke, he has a giant "OPEN FOR BIRTHDAY PARTIES" sign or something hanging up. he's in a really bad spot for the town we're in.

    anyway, letmeknow obviously.
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    The first 20 episodes are just awful. Watch the first two movies, then jump straight to episode 28. The DUB is at episode 31 or 32 I believe, with a new one airing each week. The sub is at 109, and the manga is at chapter 28.

    IF you want links let me know.
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    Are you watching Dragon Ball Super? Sub, Dub, Manga?
  23. maybe a little later towards 10 cause my buddy picked me up an 8th and I gotta hang out with him for a little while so he doesnt throw a hissy fit that im using him for weed
  24. yeah, 100% definitely. maybe we can find a way to combine both activities
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    I wasn't offended by anything you said nor did I think you were defending the cop. I think sometimes I come across as being aggresive or angry when I'm not. I have resting bitch text voice.
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