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    Today, 03:37 PM
    Wizzy replied to a thread Fight Club in Sports Discussion
    The Beast is gonna make Thor wish he never tried to ruin the man's legacy. It will be cathartic watching The Mountain get his ass kicked.
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    Today, 02:30 PM
    Wizzy replied to a thread Fight Club in Sports Discussion
    Lol. Yep. It most likely started over twitter drama or something like that, and then it was like "Okay, fight me real life bro", and people underestimate Jake/Logan because they're so bratty and were the type of kids you just kinda "know" you can...
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    Today, 01:20 PM
    Wizzy replied to a thread Fight Club in Sports Discussion
    I hate Jake/Logan Paul cause they're pretty terrible people.. but I can not deny the fact that Jake Paul knows how to fuckin' box. What the fuck. @Hugh: Jake Paul fought some youtuber in a boxing match a while back and won. So now it's kind...
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    11-15-2020, 01:45 AM
    bludhoundz replied to a thread For NFL fans in Sports Discussion
    I know the narrative for the Cowboys this season is the Dak Prescott injury, but it also looked like the McCarthy hiring was terrible prior to that even. Their defense was even admitting their coaches don't get on them to play harder. I always...
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    11-10-2020, 07:40 PM
    What's up you wankers.
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    11-10-2020, 07:38 PM
    The One replied to a thread For NBA fans in Sports Discussion
    Anyone stoked for the NBA draft and upcoming season? It'll be interesting to see what teams the top players end up on. Go Dubs.
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    11-10-2020, 07:37 PM
    The One replied to a thread For NFL fans in Sports Discussion
    49ers have over half of their team on IR and their season is well over, so at this point I wouldn't mind seeing the Packers win it all. Aaron Rodgers is from Chico, CA and played in college for California...
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    11-06-2020, 07:36 PM
    bludhoundz replied to a thread For NFL fans in Sports Discussion
    Trevor Lawrence said his football team right now is better than the Jets so I think it's a possibility that he would demand to be traded if they drafted him.
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    11-05-2020, 01:25 PM
    Elphaba posted a visitor message on The Butcher's profile
    Nah I've never bagged one. My midrange selection has always been a roc/buzz/zone/harp/warrant/justice. The roc and buzz are available in so many plastics I've never felt the need to branch away
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    11-03-2020, 11:45 AM
    Wizzy replied to a thread Fight Club in Sports Discussion
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    10-31-2020, 10:04 PM
    Wizzy replied to a thread Fight Club in Sports Discussion
    Damn. Not mad at Uriah proving me wrong
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    10-30-2020, 07:57 PM
    Wizzy replied to a thread Fight Club in Sports Discussion
    I think Uriah still has some skill and Silva is getting "slow" I am betting that Uriah will go for a head kick knockout. Which might be his downfall because you just don't kickbox against Silva. I would love to see Silva win one more fight. I...
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    10-30-2020, 10:32 AM
    Wizzy replied to a thread Fight Club in Sports Discussion
    apparently no one knew Khabib was gonna retire that night and I guess his coaches/Dana have been talking to him and it sounds like they're gonna try to talk him into having another fight to attempt retiring at 30-0 ...
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    I know why Rick Morales left acting. Very sad.
  2. ok wizzy just be that way
  3. Just accept my friend request!
  4. Ha you wish! You must be enjoying this
  5. Wonderbar! Don't really want to talk about it. Just found it funny it was being deleted. Thank you for taking the time to explain why you were deleting it. Time is very valuable and I didn't want to waste either of ours by continuing to repost it.
  6. lmao. its fine. censoring is nothing new. i hear its very satisfying and gives small portions of dopamine which is very similar and almost the same as someone gets when they power trip.
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    That actually made me laugh out loud.
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    Now I must google him.
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    who/what is the person in your avatar?
  10. it was doctor device
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    I was like "I bet if i google house templates, i'll find a lot"

    Didn't expect the first site to come up with 5000 builds, with full blueprints for all, for free. Lol

    Tonight I'm gonna go back in the nether, check out that house, and then try and go further. i wanna get my new base going on, ready to expand and ready to build a real home instead of just a shelter with storage. Which is all i have now

    I'm sure you experienced this but you may have more time to play, of which I'm insanely jealous lol. There is just so much to do it's so easy to get distracted and get none of it done lol. i need like a week off to play
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    Prune gang bitch
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    Holy shit! It is you!

    I miss you too. Please stay
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    Nope. It was the real person.
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    If that isn't definitive proof we're the two best humans on Earth i really don't know what is
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    marijuana affects the memory
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    I fucking knew that would make twitch moments or something. There were 25 or 30 of us shooting the ground as the circle closed we were so fucking confused.
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    They were in salty or shifty right?

    please link me, we were like WHAT THE FUCK IS HAPPENING
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    gonna be playign some fork knife later if you wanna join in dude. or GTA maybe, mikey will be there and he doesn't much like fortnite
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    I almost never use rep, but Cliche told me that rep is public and I didnt know that. After I left you a rep I noticed you left a rep to Nightmarez implying "I don't talk about this publicly" or whatever, but Im leaving this as a VM so you can see there is a reputation tab from this page
  21. yeah i remember this haha

    i found his channel because he plays pokemon and he had a tao video i was like wtf
  22. Thanks Wizzy! Appreciate the thoughts dude. Maybe I'll post more lol.
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    Understood. I shall dial everything back.

    Once more I meant no disrespect.
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    I'm sorry if that is how you took it. I meant no disrespect towards you. My comment was not directed to you nor your love of that show. I mean. I should have worded it a bit better or hell not said anything at all. My idea was (or at least as it was in my head) was a sense of shock. Like " how it goes." I can easily see how that could be taken badly from your viewpoint and I am sorry.

    I'm going to stop posting in that thread anyways since i rarely have seen/know what everyone is talking about.

    I should just stop posting as much.

    I hope you have a good night and I shall see you tomorrow...or whenever.

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