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Thread: Strategic Insomniacs - Caffeinated.. Restless.. and Kicking Arse!

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    Quote Originally Posted by The One View Post
    Howdy everybody
    What’s shaking.

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    This clan was one of the best parts of my time in TAO.
    I'll always remember the days I spent in Banff helping SI get top spot, recruiting greys, chatting with nomadic methods, twilight dragon, shiznit, bludz and the rest of the clan.
    I remember at one point feeling under-appreciated and that plus some beef I had with Hollywood (the only person I ever disliked with passion in this game), convinced me to leave.
    I joined netjak because that's where Lieu my bestie had gone to, but no clan experience after ever came close to SI least of all netjak. To this day I still feel they were the dark side to SI's light.
    There was never a clan where I felt I belonged like I did in SI. And my experience with TAO and the personal meaning attached to it sort of went progressively downhill after leaving.
    I'm really grateful that SI was part of my journey in TAO, I got to know a lot of good people and had a great time. So thanks to everyone who crossed my path while I was in this clan. It was the best clan, filled with great people, smart, helpful, competitive and with a real sense of support and community

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    Yesss rubbish, we WERE the dark side of the force!
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    Quote Originally Posted by Maverik View Post
    you're OUR idiot, which is the point in the end
    Netjak win Netjak strong Netjak forever

    My final stat on rev before D-DAY

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    Some old folks still lurking around here ?

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