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Thread: Strategic Insomniacs - Caffeinated.. Restless.. and Kicking Arse!

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    BR said that the server will release sometime by the end of the year/soon into the new year last I heard.

    There will still be no time limit games I'm assuming, but he's gonna offer a variety of game options so you can choose whether or not you want a time limit. He already has 30 second, 2 minute, 1 day, 7 day, and no time limit game options. Most people try to use the longer time limit because they don't have time to sit and finish a game of TAO in one sitting, but if you can't agree to that with the person whose game you jumped, and the person you just jumped disappears and there's a 7 day timer... it gets frustrating.

    If you really wanna know about specifics I'd join the discord and ask BR. I can't speak for him. This is all just my assumptions.
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    I think you’re right wizzy.

    And zot, the discord is like the “lobby” sometimes people play real time games.

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