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Thread: Artwork for Game (3D Modeling)

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    Default Artwork for Game (3D Modeling)

    I've been fooling around a bit since my schooling ended this morning and am heading into this without really any knowledge. However I'm going to give it a shot (after shot, after shot...) to get it down so that we can have at least decent graphics when the real launch happens a long ways down the line.

    I figure regardless of what theme we decide on we will have a human class at the least, and I could make a base male and a base female to build off of into other units. As I keep trying these things out, it would be really helpful to know at least the general direction of units you'd like to see, at least visually (stats wouldn't matter for the graphics). Like if you want a general concept (ie. wolf, or look at the way this guy looks, or even I like the shape of this person's body) post a handful of pictures that are at least somewhat similar to what you are thinking.

    Example head that I've made so far.

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    Cyber ninjas!!!

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    That's not a finished unit that's like a skull that hasn't been shaped into something unique, no skin and no details added. I'm not sure if you got that, like they won't all be crazy geometric and shades of grey.

    What would be helpful to me, is if you say you want like little art descriptions. Maybe you want a character to be overweight, or you want a scar, short sleeve shirt, certain weapons for inspiration. Ideas for animating how they move or attack. Maybe Instead of a Beast Rider it's something like Jon Snow and his Direwolf walking as inspiration. Do you want certain characters to look Asian, Indian, White, Black, whatever? Like facial features, skin tones, body builds all that is relevant. What does their hair look like, are they wearing a hat or helmet of some sort?

    Anything like that would be helpful.

    Also people liked the idea of an entire world built. Well describe it so I can build it. Say if it's has Desert, Forrest, Snow, Plains whatever Island surrounded by water. Try to put some detail into it like I want Oak trees instead of Pine or anything like that so I can get an idea of what people want. Are different areas flat, or do they have rolling hills or high mountains. All of that is relevant to me understanding what you guys want. Do you want the lobby area to look like a map, where you send an avatar to a certain area of the map to "change floors"? Do you want the board to have different variants on different areas (ie. forrest has trees imbedded blocking out tiles? or Mountain encroaches in shrinking the sides of the map? An island that sea splits the back centers of the map?

    I need your guys input on this kind of stuff so we can head in the right direction and make something that looks like the world our community wants a TAO-like game to be set it.

    What are the unit classes or races? TAO was Humans, Beasts, and Golems. Do you want just Humans and Animals? Do you want it to be space themed like Star Wars? What do you want?

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    i'm not gonna lie, i've been around for the forums since 2005 i don't think that's changing anytime soon.

    but I wanted to say i'm pretty impressed that you were able to make a head..unless it was easy then i'm not that impressed. it's cool that you are taking the time to learn how to do all this

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    Working on building a back and torso.

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    arms added

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    Great to see you progressing Make Dr. Manhattan blue though..

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    Dat ass.

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    Head and chest are a bit big (or lower legs, forearms too small), still no hands, but whatever.

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