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Thread: Artwork for Game (3D Modeling)

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    Quote Originally Posted by Hulky View Post
    I think the wings say way more Dragon than Raptor lol. It looked like a bird early on.
    It looks bird like, I was saying you should just keep it as a big ass bird and name it accordingly (Ancient Raptor?).

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    no dragtor

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    Quote Originally Posted by Wizzy View Post


    no dragtor
    Well hold on now Wizzy, let's not rule out Birdtor just yet.

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    thats great

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    it's alive!

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    Hulky is modeling way easier than I imagine it is or are you just picking this up really quickly? Either way nice work man. Birdtor is really coming together nicely.

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    Are you interested in playing around in it and/or making some? It's more time consuming than hard I feel like (but when you start you will hate everything and want to quit, my advice is to save repeatedly sometimes at different "steps" so you can go back easier). I'd guess that making the basic unit takes about an hour to two hours, then step two would be adding a bone structure which is about an hour, then animate which takes about 30 minutes or so.

    These are rough guesses, and many of mine take a bit longer than that to pause and watch a tutorial for the step, try it, if screw up undo, repeat and whatnot. I think each step could be shaved down to under an hour each with proficiency (creating from scratch isn't something you have to do repeatedly either as you can use one basic render as a base point for another and so on, but I start from scratch each time to get it down). One thing that slows me down as well is the tutorial videos use PC and all hotkeys, and I use a Mac and not all the hotkeys are the same and I try and find manual ways to accomplish the same task. I also have not begun making them pretty with skins and whatnot or really delving into the sculpting tools.

    Anyways if you want here is the program:
    It's free (everything is free, a free version of photoshop [essentially] is

    Here is the first video tutorial I watched:

    Through his channel I also got the tutorials on bone structure and animating.

    Beyond that I've come across some sites with more advanced stuff that I've watched just to get a grasp on what can happen down the line.

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