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    Wanted to write down some thoughts I've had.

    If instead of the server proccing about once every 4 hours gifting a unit to players who win. What if players acquired "Loot Chests" every so often if they win a game. Loot Chests would then go into some kind of account inventory and can be traded between players. Opening a Loot Chest would grant a handful of "Stones" and "Essences", which could also be traded. Creating a small player-driven economy.

    Crafting Units would then work by combining a type of Stones and a type of Essences; and units could then be upgraded by using more Essences and more Stones of that same type. For instance, Human Essence and Iron Stone would produce a Page->Squire->Knight; where as Human Essence and Rose Quartz would produce a Priest->Cleric->Bishop.

    Here's a Google Docs of some Stones/Essences/Units I drafted up. (Ignore the stats/values/unit names, I was just playing around last night)
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