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Thread: For NBA fans

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    I never thought I'd say this, but Kyrie is actually shooting the C's right out of the playoffs..

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    Now that's more like it

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    And this:

    The reddit memes are extra spicy is the postgame thread.

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    These ECF suck. Sixers would've been such a better matchup. Can't believe we lost that series.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Spencer 555 View Post
    it's amazing how good kawhi is. literally playing the roll LBJ played for Cavs.

    Carrying this team by himself.

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    I totally disagree. Our defense has been stellar. It's a shame really that everyone on the team has seemed to forget how to shoot open shots though.

    That sixers series was amazing tho. It really is a shame that embiid was sick in a couple of the games. Just based on how that series went and how this one is going, I would say the sixers were the better team (even if the bucks beat us in 7, they would really have to thump us for me to change my mind). We've really outplayed them on both ends in 3 of 4 games this series, only reason we lost game 1, and game 3 was so close is because a lot of open shots just aren't falling.

    Coming in to the series, I thought if the raptors continued to shoot poorly, the bucks would win handily. But their offense hasn't been nearly as potent as I expected and they are a lot softer then the sixers were. We're totally bullying them so far. Can't wait for tomorrow.

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