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Thread: For NBA fans

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    I cheered for the Durant injury, dudes a bitch ass. The Klay injury was sad tho. ILL TAKE THE DUB THO!

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    Yea raptors fans are awful. If that was Philly we'd have been on front page of national news. Amazing the raptors fans havent gotten roasted for that yet.

    Nice win Spence. Kawhi is a freak. Better hope he comes back or Raptors are a 6 seed next year at best.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Spencer 555 View Post
    I cheered for the Durant injury
    Of course you did ...

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    I didnt actually cheer for the injury per se, I cheered for durant not to exist on the warriors lol. This series was dead even with the durantless warriors. It was lookin like a 7 game series before klay went down.

    If Durant had played, the warriors woulda just swept us like theyd sweep anyone else, and the league would continue to be broken.

    @philly probably better then the nets and magic still imo. Would be a 4 seed behind indiana. That being said, raptors fans were generally really good based on coverage I saw. Shouldn't let a few shitty people ruin all the positive stories. 1000s of people out in the streets for each playoff game without any violent crimes? Not bad

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    I think we went 17-5 without kawhi in the reg season.

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    Nobody knows what the fuck is going on with the Celtics. Irving basically got run out of town because he's a grade A bitch. So now it looks like they're back to rebuilding.

    Sucks, Boston won only two championships this year.

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