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    Quote Originally Posted by Spencer 555 View Post
    It's the playoffs man, you gotta find a way to play physical and win. I've watched every game and didn't feel it was I too lopsided. Washington's depth is just not their. Dwight went off last game, was pretty awesome to see him have a game like that, and Milsap is proving to deto he is a top 20 player (atl is beating washington at this point and it's Milsap+Dwight vs Wall + Beal + Porter).

    Porter and Beal need to step up the intensity or this series is over. To me what it looks like is they're missing threes and then not playing defense as well as they can because they're down on themselves or something mental like that.
    ridiculous how you're not considering Schroder who is arguably putting up the best PG numbers in the playoffs right now.

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    In the post directly prior to that one I mentioned Schroder and Bazemore were stepping up big-time in those 2 wins. I missed the last two games so I have no idea if they kept it up. Schroder is still a work in progress imo.

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    Schröder was huge in the games they won and invisible in game 6. Millsap is the only guy who was a consistent pain in our ass.

    Boston is fucked. They couldn't stop a washed up Rondo. Wall is gonna work that ass.

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    Gortat should be a bigger factor on the glass against Horford too. It's a good matchup for the wiz, but porter and Beal need to be bigger in this series on defense. The Celts offense is way way better then the hawks.

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    After seeing my predictions for the first round, if Clippers win Sunday, which I think they will, I will basically get all of them right for the West lol. I was pretty off with the East's number of game predictions though, I thought they were all going to be pretty short series.

    For second round I got

    Spurs vs Rockets- Spurs in 6
    Warriors vs Clippers- Warriors in 6, Warriors in 5 against the Jazz if they win

    Cavs vs Raptors- Cavs in 5 maybe 6
    Wizards vs Celtics- Wizards in 5

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    Raps vs cavs: Raps in 6
    Celts vs wiz: Wiz in 6

    Spurs vs whoever: spurs in 7
    Warriors vs rockets: warriors in 6

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    Celtics didn't have a better offense than the Hawks. They did have a better defense though, and Avery Bradley and Marcus Smart should make it tough against Wall and Beal. I believe if everyone stays healthy, that that series is going 7. I'd pick Washington to win.

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    Dude, wut? The hawks had the 27th ranked offense in the league and the Celtics get crushed on the defensive boards. Combined with the fact that Isaiah Thomas is the worst defensive player in the league the Celts are not close to the hawks 4th ranked (in season) defense.

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    Who cares about the regular season stats...that's some smoke and mirrors shit for some teams.

    The Wizards just shredded that 4th ranked defense to pieces because it was never as good as it's ranking. Also, Atlanta was able to score because offensively it was much superior to its regular season ranking. Besides, once they realized they couldn't stop Washington, they focused more on scoring and hoped that that would be its best defense.

    Boston on the other hand couldn't score regularly against Chicago until Rondo got hurt. Rondo seemed to know a lot of the Celtic schemes and plays which helped him out a lot. No surprise that when he went out, they were able to score a little better. That also helped them tighten up their defense as they find could set it up consistently instead of getting mismatches in transition and having Rondo shred them. Even with Butler and Wade they couldn't score at all and Bradley won his matchup vs Butler.

    Also, while Thomas is a bad defender, so is Dennis Schroeder. That guy just seems to not try at all.

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    I dunno man, I don't just throw out regular season stats entirely. I would personally attribute some of Atlanta's scoring to washington struggling defensively at times. As for the c's offense, I just consider the personnel better on paper offensively. Horford, Bradley, Crowder and other useful players on the bench can all put the ball in the net and Thomas is much better then Schroder.

    As for Schroder defensively, I agree he isn't good, but hes not 5'5 lol

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