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Thread: For NBA fans

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    Default the evil empire

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    no Kawhi talk here!??! where's prof at?

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    Ya the nba thread pretty much died without u, deto, prof and manon

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    can't wait for midnight!

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    Canada day

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    Good week for Oklahoma. We passed medical marijuana and resigned Paul George. Now if only Melo could disappear somehow.

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    LeBron to Lakers, 4 year deal. I don't think he makes it to the Finals with the Lakers. I think this season was peak LeBron, but it might be about the last time he could drag a team to the Finals in the East. He certainly can't drag a team to the Finals in the West, and I don't think the Lakers get it together fast enough to utilize peak LeBron and overcome the Warriors and Rockets in the same year. Maybe I'm way off, but I think the West is going to eat LeBron alive come playoffs.

    EDIT: And by LeBron, I don't mean him specifically, I mean the team he's on. LeBron hero ball works in the East playoffs, but he can't do that in the West. Maybe if the Lakers swing Kawhi right now, the Lakers could do some damage this year, but I don't think LeBron's window for another championship is very large. He'll be 34 this year. I think he's starting to lose his legs, as he's been pushing his shots closer and closer to the basket as the playoffs wear on. I just don't think this is going to work out like Lakers fans think it will.

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    I'm hopeful you're right KB. As much as I'd like to see someone compete with the warriors moving forward, I don't expect the lake show to be that emergent team. I guess we'll see though, it certainly doesn't seem like there is any hope for this year unless the Celtics and Sixers get their shit together.

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    Depressing offseason for the sixers thus far besides Reddick. Wish Kawhi would've been willing to come here.

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