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Thread: For NBA fans

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    Sad sad day in basketball.

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    Sixers are just fucking brutal. What a let down thus far. Brand/Brown both suck as much as I love Brown it's just time to move on. And I really wish the NBA didn't force Hinkie out. Would've loved to see what his team would've become.

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    Ya it's lookin like they'll just accept that 6th seed and try to get into the playoffs healthy.

    I think it's an attitude thing. Simmons is a cocky shit head and Embiid is made of glass. I feel really bad for Embiid, I really enjoy his game and his personality, but he gets roasted in the media for problems beyond his control. If he could just stay on the court, he'd be an incredible talent and personality.

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    The bubble has been insane. You're seeing guys like TJ Warren and Michael Porter Jr dominate. Makes you wonder if it's just a quick lucky burst or they're more comfortable without fans there.

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    Plus there wayyyyy less distraction.

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    Quote Originally Posted by |AFO| View Post
    Plus there wayyyyy less distraction.

    side note RIP sixers season. they're gonna be right back in the NBA purgatory they were in pre-"the process" if they don't get a coach who can work with this roster. Everything went downhill when they made Hinkie resign. What a joke. He'd never have traded for Fultz.

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    Gonna be a fun offseason with coaching swaps and what i'm assuming will be a good amount of big names traded.

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    Iím just happy to see 3/4 teams remaining are built from the ground up for the most part. Iíd like to see the Lakers go down but I donít think it will happen. Lebron and AD are just bad match ups for the teams remaining. I dunno if maybe Bam+Jimmy could slow them down??? Or maybe Murray will go god mode and come back from 1-3 again. Lol

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    Man wish more people in here liked NBA lol

    Doc Rivers to Philly - I've got mixed feelings about it. He couldn't win with Kawhi and PG13 tad scary, but we'll see. I was intrigued by D'Antoni but partially because I know someone who may have been an assistant if he was hired lol.

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    Doc couldnít have done anything else for the clippers that series. In the 4th quarters he played the right guys, but they just got outplayed.

    Jimmy Buckets is the man. Feels good to root against lebron again.

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