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Thread: For NBA fans

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    Default For NBA fans

    Favorite teams :

    Blexican : Mavericks

    Thunder : Mavericks

    The One : Warriors

    Lone_Star : Charlotte

    Spencer : Raptors

    Lex : Thunder

    AFO : Wizards
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    Still fuming a little from that blunder in Game 3. Dubs in 5.

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    I'm born and raised in Charlotte, so gotta go with my hornets. Currently up 16 right now in game 3 against the Heat!!! But as a NBA fan overall, curry and Westbrook are my favorite players to watch.

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    maybe if the Warriors hadn't tried to set a regular-season record, Curry wouldn't be in this predicament

    I wonder how people will look back on this season if the Warriors don't win the Championship. Curry going down so quickly seems to put the writing on the wall.

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    That's unfortunate with the Curry injury.

    BTW Go Celtics!

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    Russell Westbrook, point guard or point god?

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    Westbriiiiiick. We'll see what he can do against the Spurs. He always crushes the Wizards though, so I guess I should talk. Also my favorite team is the Wizards. D;

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    Nice to see them spank that ass. Still should be a close series though.

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    2 weeks until the best day of the Sixers season Lottery time. Here's to praying Kings Jump to #1 and someone else to top 3 so Sixers get #1 and #4 picks!

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