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Thread: For NBA fans

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    Was just looking through a list of potential wing players the raps might want and cojo is probably our best option at backup despite his struggles. Just gotta hope the kid figures it out I think.

    Wesley Matthews could maybe be a fit, but I think the raps probably want to give norm the keys to the backup sg/SF position

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    Wish I could call Masai ujiri and tell him to make this trade.

    Jonas Valanciunas
    Cory Joseph
    Jared Sullinger
    1st rnd pick


    Eric Bledsoe
    Tyson Chandler
    PJ Tucker

    Works on paper. Suns get JV and Joseph's good contracts and a first rounder, and get out of Tyson Chandler's limiting contract. Toronto gives up our second first round pick to fortify the "backup" PG position and gives insurance for Kyle Lowry if he wants to leave in free agency.

    Raptors roster.

    Pg: Lowry, Bledsoe, Wright, scrub
    SG: Demar, Powell
    SF: Demarre, Tucker
    PF: Ibaka, Patterson, Caboclo
    C: Chandler, Nogueira, Poeltl, Siakam

    We would literally be able to keep every player on this roster next year other then one of Ibaka, Lowry and Patterson + PJ Tucker

    Dream scenario:

    Raptors make it to the nba finals only to be defeated by the GSW. Bledsoe accepts his role as a super 6th man and Kyle Lowry re-signs along with Ibaka in free agency. Patterson and Tucker however depart and I cry a little because Patterson will be missed. That being said, Caboclo steps up as the raptors backup PF and proves his draft day joke (2 years away from being 2 years away) right. The raptors replace the missing wing depth lost from PJ Tucker with old man Vince Carter and give Axel Toupane of the 905 a chance with the 15th roster spot.

    2017/18 raptors opening day roster.

    PG: Lowry, Bledsoe, Wright, VanVleet
    SG: Derozan, Powell, Toupane
    SF: Carroll, Carter
    PF: Ibaka, Caboclo
    C: Chandler, Nogueira, Poeltl, Siakam

    The raptors win 65 games for the first time in franchise history and wins the 1st seed in the east with a combination of great depth and talent at every position. Vince plays the roll of mentor on the team and comes in every once in awhile whenever someone is injured. In limited minutes, Vince posterizes Triston Thompson, AL Horford and Marcin Gortat and raptors fans everywhere go completely nuts.

    JV breaks out in a big way for the suns with more touches and minutes by putting up 17 ppg and 11 rebounds in 32 minutes per game. Along with young peices Devon Booker, Dragon Bender, Marquiese Chriss and new draft pick Lonzo Ball, the suns actually look like a semi competent team next year winning 28 games and failing to reach the playoffs. They use the Raptors draft pick to take C Jonathan Jeanne who spends most of his time in the Dleague where he hones his freakish athleticism and length to hopefully one day replace Valanciunas or be a viable backup. Cory Joseph replaces Brandon knight as backup PG as well and continues to be a respectable player in the league. He gets traded to the Cleveland Cavs for a first round draft pick and a scrub in December when LeBron starts crying for another ball handler.

    The GSW win 73 games again, but are eliminated in the playoffs by a surging OKC team featuring league MVP Russel Westbrook who literally became 92/93 Jordan. Opening the door for the Raptors to win the NBA finals due to more age regression from LeBron James and a tired Westbrook. Raps win the NBA finals!
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    Kyrie Irving thinks the Earth is flat.

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    But we also just might be those motherf*ckers.

    - Bad Bitch

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    All the more reason why Kyle Lowry is the better player.

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    spencer what were you smoking in that trade lol

    why do the suns want JV when they have Alex Len?

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    Same thing I smoke for every trade I post on this forum lol

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    Also Alex Len is trash

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    So much drama in NY. If he was talking smack to the owner and was drunk then he deserved to get thrown out.

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    Boogie to the pelis dayaaaaam. Can't believe he only got 1 first rounder.

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    The winners of that trade are the Sixers. Kings could seriously go into tank mode here and Sixers have swap rights on that pick. Also if Jrue decides to come back to Philly this offseason.... Woohoo!

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