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Thread: For NBA fans

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    Yo philly, I didnt get to see much of the game last night but I was pretty disappointed about the lack of effort. The sixers don't look like the feisty team we saw last year toward the end of the season.. what happened? Embiid wasnt playing and simmons looked pretty decent, but damn everyone else looked awful.

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    Btw, the raptors young players are really showing out in these first 2 games. Its really incredible how well weve been drafting and developing these players the last few years.

    Bruno Caboclo: Raptors mascot. Has no place in the nba rotation, but I think he would actually be a decent rotation player on a bad team. His length and defensive potential (6'9, agile, 7'6 wingspan) will keep him in the league, and Im hopeful the raptors can retain him going into next year (he and bebe will be free agents) despite the fact that most toronto fans have given up on the brazilian kevin durant.

    Bebe Nogueira: Kinda wanna see Valanciunas traded because of this guy. As good as valanciunas has been in the new system, bebe fits better in the modern nba. He lead the raptors not named lowry last year in bpm, rpm and TPA despite riding the bench much of the year. Coach Casey keeps him as an emergency backup big because of his volatility (extremely emotional player) but the potential to be an elite rim protector is there and he has shown a good chemistry playing PF next to Ibaka and has unbelievable chemisty with lowry. If we could trade valanciunas for a 1st round pick and free up some more cap space, we'll be in a really good position to add in free agency or at the trade deadline.

    Pascal Siakam: fallen completely out of the rotation along with caboclo despite starting at pf for us last year. His defensive potential is through the roof as a guy who can guard 3-5, but his feel for the game and jumper are kinda trash atm. Late first rounder, he probably is the guy I'm least excited about, but he could prove to be helpful anyways. He and caboclo should dominate the G league for the 905 this year.

    Jacob Poeltl: probably the most interesting of the young raptors in the rotation right now. He has shown that his game is extremely consistent and his attitude is excellent. Dude works hard and plays smart, but talentwise, he hasnt really flashed enough potential to be a starter in this league despite being the highest draft pick of all the guys i'm listing. If he can bulk up and become a stronger rebounder while keeping the surprising lateral quickness that makes him an intriguing prospect, he will be an excellent backup centre in this league. Personally don't think he will ever be a starter because of his lack of hops (not a great rim protector or dunker) and completely broken jumpshot.

    OG Anunoby: Most exciting player on this list by far. Dude is stealing minutes from Siakam and Caboclo at SF/PF in the rotation despite playing at 60-80% and being a true rookie. Coming off an acl injury that plummeted his draft stock, he wasnt expected to play until november (more conservative estimate was JANUARY) the earliest, and there was a lot of talk that he would get run in the g league before being called up. But the dude was cleared to play in the preseason and has done nothing but impress so far. His shot isnt as bad as the stats might point out, his defense is as advertised, and his basketball IQ/instincts are through the roof. This guy has a chance to be a legit star. Can't wait to see what he does when he gets more comfortable and his knee gets stronger.

    Fred Vanvleet: probably the best 3rd string pg in the league atm and he was undrafted last year. Hes gonna be a bench guy for his career, but I think he's going to be valuable for whoever he plays for. We call him mini lowry because he plays a very similar style of game. Bulldog, grinder, good shooter and playmaker, but smaller and less athletic then lowry ever was. Because of his limitation, I don't see him ever starting, but if he continues to polish his game, he doesn't really have any holes in it. He's exactly what you want from a backup pg though because of his leadership (mature, commands respect because he doesnt make mistakes) and consistency.

    Delon Wright: another exciting young guy. He's a bit unorthodox, but he's flashed a lot of potential and I think will be a starter one day. His ability to sneak around defenses and drive to the net is impressive for a guy in only his 3rd year, and he's been improving as a finisher every year. Delon is an elite defender for his position, can even guard 3s at this point because of his length and has shown very impressive playmaking ability imo. Very interested to see if he can ever figure out how to shoot because he could really be one of the best pg in the league one day with a 3 point shot.

    Despite losing 2pat, cory joseph, pj tucker and Demarre Carroll in the offseason, the raps young players are stepping up so far and proving that the team will be as deep as ever.

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    Jonas Valanciunas and our first round pick for thad young. Would do it.

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    Actually kinda like indiana atm. Sabonis is looking like a really good fit next to Myles Turner and Turner is a breakout candidate imo. We'll see how it goes.

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    Kyrie Irving is a stud. Even though he isn't scoring as much, looks like a much better player with Boston. So much more in control. If Hayward hadn't gotten hurt, I think Boston would be the best team in the East.

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    Yup kyrie is showing up. If he keeps it up ill be ranking him over lowry for sure. Might end up doing that regardless because lowry looks to have regressed across the board . The raptors might still be better then the celtics without hayward though.

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    Boston atm has the 2nd highest rebounding % in the league.. wonder how that's even possible lol.

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    Wow. What an awful game by the raptors so far against the wiz without Wall. Lowry is having a rough start to the season.

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    Looks like Bledsoe is going to the bucks. This really makes that team interesting. I've always considered Bledsoe pretty underrated and I think he would fit really well on this team if they can figure out the rotations. I think if Parker can come back healthy the bucks will be the favourite in the east to win the conference.

    Imagine if they started this:

    PG: Bledsoe
    SG: Brogdon
    SF: Middleton
    PF: Parker
    C: Giannis

    You're basically playing "small ball" with a big lineup in this instance. The defensive potential here is insane and on Offence you're letting Giannis work with 4 skilled players who can all shoot from distance and drive. I would limit the usage of this "lineup of death" because you don't want Giannis playing too much time at centre, but if you give Giannis 10-12 or so minutes at centre per game, I think you essentially replace the minutes you were getting from Greg Monroe and let Maker/Henson duke it out for the rest as they have been doing (this gives the added benefit of helping Maker develop and play more minutes when the matchups fit).

    I can't wait to see what Kidd does with the rotations of this team.

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    Except Jason Kidd sucks and can't create a competent offensive system.

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