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Thread: For NBA fans

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    Last two games with Wall out, Wizards bench have exploded with huge production. Hopefully Brooks will finally realize that he needs to increase the size of his rotation, not decrease it. Hopefully Wall and Beal also realize that they need to stop dribbling the ball 8+ times and start moving it more. Honestly think Porter is a better clutch player than Wall and Beal. He's never rattled.

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    Ya porter is unreal. Hard not to let beal be the guy in the clutch though because hes a tough shot maker.

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    Absolutely insane trade scenario aka what I do with my spare time:

    Raps get:

    Thad Young
    Bogdan Bogdanovic
    Alexis Ajinca
    Kosta Koufos
    Pelicans 1st
    Pacers 2 second rounders

    Pelicans get:

    Demar Derozan

    Pacers get:

    Demarcus Cousins
    Garrett Temple

    Kings get:

    Jonas Valanciunas
    Lance Stephenson
    TJ Leaf
    Lucas Nogueira


    So this works for the raptors because we free up a ton of cap space and put some faith in our depth. This gives us a ton of financial wiggle room moving into the future, gives us a more balanced roster, while aquiring a couple picks.

    Raptors depth chart:

    PG: Lowry, Wright, Vanvleet
    SG: Powell, Bogdanovic
    SF: Anunoby, Miles
    PF: Young, Siakam
    C: Ibaka, Poeltl, Koufos

    For the Pelicans, this works because they can go all in on a Derozan/Davis/Holliday big three moving forward while also getting rid of a bad contract in Ajinca while only giving up a year of cousins (knowing he wouldn't sign) and a first round pick

    Pelicans rotation:

    PG: Holliday, Rondo, Nelson
    SG: Derozan, Moore, Allen
    SF: Cunningham, Miller
    PF: Hill, Diallo
    C: Davis, Asik

    For the Pacers, this works because they get to roll the dice on Cousins, and Aquire a solid veteran sg/sf on a good contract for only 2 2nd round picks, thad young and TJ leaf essentially. If cousins resigns with the pacers and mixes well with the team, itd be worth in bunches and if he doesnt, Indiana will have a ton of cap room to maneuver.

    Pacers depth chart:

    PG: Collison, Joseph, Young
    SG: Oladipo, Temple, Wilkins
    SF: Bogdanovic, Robinson 3
    PF: Turner, Sabonis
    C: Cousins, Jefferson

    For the kings this works, because they aquire Jonas Valanciunas and TJ leaf and Lucas Nogeuira for Temple and Bogdanovic while liberating themselves of the Kosta Koufos contract. Lance Stephenson is also a king so that would be cool.

    Kings depth chart:

    PG: Hill, Fox
    SG: Hield, Stephenson, Richardson
    SF: Jackson, Carter
    PF: Labissiere, Leaf
    C: Cauley-Stein, Randolph, Nogueira

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    These make no sense whatsoever.

    Kings: Have a glutton or big men, and you want to send them 2 more in Valanciunas and Nogueira, with Stephenson thrown in to see how bad things can really get in SAC.

    Pacers: They just traded their franchise player in Paul George because he was leaving. You really think after half a season Cousins will stay in Indiana?

    Pelicans: They are in the playoff hunt and you want to trade Cousins for an inferior player in DeRozan?

    You’re crazy Spence

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    Lol boo you. Booooooo. I missed starting JV on the kings there . Still.. boooo

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    To make it fun though:

    Kings: ya why not. By trading Koufos, Bogdanovic and Temple, they aquire 4 younger potentially more talented players for the future and actually free up cap room in the process. Stephenson + the kings would be awesome and you know it.

    Pacers: They have a better chance at making the playoffs this year then the peli's imo. Davis just went down with a potentially serious injury, and Cousins + Temple for Thad young and 2 second round picks is a pretty decent win now opportunity. Would Cousins resign? Probably not, but even if he doesn't resign, the pacers have a ton of cap room to either tank or buy players in free agency.

    Pelicans: personally think they might do boogie for derozan straight up considering derozan is signed through 2020 and boogie is probably not resigning in NO. I think theyd be willing to give up a first round pick for that insurance, especially if the raps take on ajinca's useless 5 mill. Derozan has never played with an elite big man outside of the olympics and I don't think it's a stretch to imagine he would improve alongside someone like AD. It gives the pelicans 3 years to build a roster around AD, Dero and Boogie.

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    The trade machine suggests this:

    The raptors get -11 wins
    The pelicans get +3 wins
    The pacers get +4 wins
    The kings get -2 wins

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    And holliday I meant*

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    I remember last year when I said I would rather jose calderon starting for the knicks then derrick rose and you guys called me crazy.

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    Nice seeing the Jazz whoop the celtics right now . Keep it up boys!

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