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Thread: For NBA fans

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    What do you guys think of this trade:

    JV + Bruno + 2nd rnd pick

    Robin Lopez + Mirotic

    Bulls perspective: JV is the "prize" here arguably best player with most potential in this deal. Chicago unloads Lopez contract and aquires Bruno and the 2nd round pick as a cherry on top if need be for mirotic.

    Raps perspective: unload JV's contract for lopez potentially more dumpable asset trade chip next year. Mirotic provides more synergy with starters.

    Pg: lowry, delon, vanvleet
    Sg: Derozan, Powell
    Sf: anunoby, miles
    Pf: mirotic, siakam
    C: Ibaka, poeltl, nogueira/lopez

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    Headin to the game. Hopefully its a good one!

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    Damn lol. Theyre still miles ahead. Looks like they scouted our weakness (backcuts) the nuggets expose us with this shit too.

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    Holy shit, that was the best game I've ever seen. So at halftime, it was 81 - 54, mainly because the warriors were just completely destroying the raps in half-court sets on both sides of the court. They got transition buckets as usual off of lock down defense at every position, and they got 81 points by embarrassing the raptors defense with beautiful passing and were shooting like 70% on open shots. It's a testament to Derozan that they were able to score 54 in the first half, because it seemed like the warriors were able to guard everyone at all times and Derozan just willed the team to 54 with 25 points on 18 shots. In the second half of the game, the raps really amped up the defensive awareness. I didn't see one single backcut work and the warriors were forced to drive to the basket or take contested jump shots because the raps defense was smothering (and probably the warriors intensity was a little down -_-). We crushed them in transition and if a few more open shots went in at the end, we would've won it. Was awesome to see the raps completely outplay the warriors for a half. The best part was seeing Curry miss 2 free throws on a completely bullcrap call. Whole stadium erupted.

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    Minnesota is looking very strong lately. They are comfortably the #4 seed in the West and have a chance to move up to the #3 seed with the Spurs being banged up. I'm sort of hoping they stay in the 4 spot, though, because I very much want to see a second round series between Golden State and Minnesota.

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    Ya they've really stepped up since Jimmy became the #1 option. At the start of the year, they tried making Jimmy play off of wiggins and towns and be more of the defensive leader. But since theyve switched wiggy and butler's responsibilities, theyve been about as good as the raptors have been this season.

    I think we're actually seeing some signs of wiggins developing defensively this season. His offensive stats have all slipped, but that's still a bit of a small sample size thing imo. That team is setup so nicely if they can develop towns and wiggy during Butler's prime. I think they are scary, but in terms of contention, those 2 need to be much better. Especially Wiggins.

    NBA RPM has Jimmy as the most valuable player in basketball this year. He might be the most underrated superstar in the league. I think we've been comparing and contrasting him to Paul George over the last few years in terms of talent, but I honestly feel like Butler probably surpassed George last year. His playmaking and intangibles are simply on another level.

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    This blake griffin trade makes things incredibly interesting this offseason tradewise.

    LAC will has an absolute fuck ton of nice trade assets and salary matching contracts almost everyone on that team is avg to above avg.

    Detroit could also make griffin or drummond available if things don't work out between them.

    Teams are gonna be swarming.

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    Lol the kings are such a disgusting franchise. Every year they make some dumbass trade and free agent signing for no reason.

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    Imagine being a Raptors fan. Seems awful.

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