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Thread: For MLB fans

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    Buehler from the dodgeres gonna be a really interesting debut.

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    Started Torres on hype for MLB debut and benched Dejong. Got 0/4 and a K instead of 2/5 and 3 RBI 1 R 1 HR

    Got lucky and didn't miss the points, but kinda sad. Was hyped for Torres to just start off super hot.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Sanosuke View Post

    Idk if we've talked about it, but what do you think about your team overall for this year? Markakis may have lost a step defensively but Acuna/Inciarte/Markakis is probably one of the better defensive OFs and Albies and Swanson in the MI can't be too bad either. If Swanson has a bounce back and Acuna looks good from the get-go the line-up looks pretty solid. Pitching staff has more questions than answers IMO, but they're a solid and enviable team from a lot of perespectives.

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    Swanson's BABIP is a big red flag but I like his approach at the plate better this year. I like having Camargo back but I think Rio Ruiz is our future at 3rd. Ozzie Albies is going to be one of the best 2B in the league given a couple years, and being a switch hitter helps our lineup tremedously considering Inciarte is a lefty locked in at leadoff and Freeman a lefty(granted the LHP matchup doesn't really apply to him) in the 3 hole. I don't mind Markakis because of his veteran mentorship to all of our farm talent finally coming up. I just want to get out from under his contract. Inciarte and Acuņa are locked in and I'm incredibly happy about having them for the next 3 years together. My biggest concern is catcher after this year tbh. Willie Contreras is our catcher of the future but I don't want him rushed. Soraka and Gohara look like certified rotation guys with some more growth. Our bullpen is abysmal

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    Austin Riley looks nice in the minors.

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    Gonna do a very elaborate break down of the Braves. This is a place holder.

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    Bautista: the future brave hall of famer -by sano

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    1B: Freeman is signed through 2021 and then is up for free agency. We have a lot of time before then but I have a firm belief Freeman might go the Chipper Jones route and take a pay cut to finish out his career with the Braves and compete for championships during this time. Playing first isn't all that taxing as Freeman has played all 162 games before, and when healthy, is good to play about 145-162 games a year. He's obviously the face of our franchise and is a supreme talent at first base, who is arguably the best bat at 1B in baseball, maybe the 1a and 1b with Votto. This gives us ample time to groom the next stud at first base but once again, that's quite a ways off.

    2B: Ozzie Albies is almost severely underlooked even when getting a lot of the attention by local beat reporters. He has decent power and great plate discipline. It was assumed that Dansby and Ozzie were interchangeable at short and second. I really like Ozzie's glove as well but his bat is what's going to keep him employed and a fan favorite. He's only 21 and got some MLB experience last year. As the full time 2B for the Braves this year, I expect some growing pains at the plate, but we're definitely going to lock him up before arbitration happens I'm sure. The trick is to make sure with all this money we're going to have this offseason is to not tie our hands and leave room for big contracts for Acuna and Albies, primarily.

    SS: Swanson is supposed to be our SS of the future. I actually went to high school with him and watched him play while he was a sophomore. I don't know him personally but I have a soft spot for Swanson and want him to be successful. His issue is handling sliders. He's abysmal against them but he's punishing every fastball thrown his way right now. His monstrous BABIP right now leads me to believe he won't maintain his .300+ hitting, but if he can average .275 and a solid glove at short, that's all we'll really need. If he can learn to adapt to big league breaking balls, I expect him to be a very strong future option. If he can't adapt, then I suspect we may look at moving Albies to SS in the future and finding a 2B, or vice versa.

    3B: I personally like Rio Ruiz more than Camargo, but they're both solid enough options for now. Camargo has great gap power but nothing that's gonna consistently put his balls over the fence. Rio Ruiz has good big league experience and a decent enough glove at the hot corner to tide us over. I think our 3B of the future lies in Riley and Ruiz/Camargo are spot-gaps. Riley has great power, solid defense, and strikes out at would project to be slightly lower than league average. Hopefully we see him on the 40-man this year.

    C: This position is what worries me the most. Catcher is probably the hardest position to get consistent production out of. Flowers and Suzuki surprised with their bats last season, but they're also both on the wrong side of 30. We haven't had a stud at catcher since Brian McCann's bat, and he wasn't that great at calling games or defensively. I much rather have a catcher than can help our soon to be very young pitching staff with a decent bat than another McCann, but I'd take anything that's a symblance of stability at this point. Willie Contreras is in A Ball right now and has averaged a very solid .290 but I'd expect him to get moved up to Mississippi this year and get his shot at AA. He doesn't have much power but once again, I don't think power is going to be an issue for us with Freeman, Acuna developing, Albies developing, and a strong showing at third base.

    Pitching Staff:

    Luiz Gohara is big league ready now, imo, and needs to be pitching for us. His stuff is incredible and when he's on and his slider grades as the best in our minor league system, he looks like a sure fire ace. His fastball is absolutely bananas and the two pitch combo can get him through most starts, but i think he just needs a solid third pitch.

    Mike Soraka is someone that should be pitching for us later in the year or mid season. He reminds me a lot of Anibal Sanchez oddly enough considering we signed him. His control is exceptional and i think if he can get a little bit more out of his pitches he should be a very very solid mid rotation guy.

    Kyle Wright is actually someone who I'm the most excited about outside of Acuna. He projects to be true #1 pitcher, with four plus pitches to offer hitters. His fast ball hovers around upper 90s and i think if he gives a good spring showing next year and irons out his command this year, he'll be pitching in the bigs opening week.

    AJ Minter is our closer of the future imo. Vizcaino struggles with command and I think Minter is the man that needs to be there in the 9th. He has absolutely dominant stuff.

    Kazmir and McCarthy are there for veteran help with our young up coming arms. Our bullpen is abysmal and that needs to be a priority this offseason.


    LF: RONALD ACUNA IS HEREEEE. And he's already made an impression, missing going yard by a few inches in his first game, he was a triple short of the cycle his second game and is the youngest player in the majors right now, with Albies in second. He's a five tool monster and plays the premiere OF position. He has a cannon for an arm, incredible range/speed, and his power is only going to grow as he figures out big league pitching and gets older and into his prime. We haven't had OF talent like this since Andruw Jones. He needs to be batting in the 3-hole from the get go.

    CF: I honestly feel like we stole Inciarte, and the fact that we have him looked up through 2022 if we decide to exercise the team option is even better. A surefire golden glove candidate every year and an excellent contact hitter to be ahead of Albies, Acuna and Freeman. There isn't much to say about him that isn't already known by now. He's in his prime and will be a very good piece for our team for the next few years.

    RF: Markakis is dependable and is primarily there for his glove and to keep Pache's seat warm for next year. Pache should slide into RF for us. He's incredible on defense but his bat still needs a lot of work and power isn't there for him. He's young though, and optimistically he develops into a guy that can give us some decent contact but he'll only truly be there for his black hole of a defense in the out field. If we decent to wait on Pache, I fully expect the Braves to shell out money to a player that deserves Markakis's contract and spend big to sure up RF with a great bat and average defense since RF isn't as difficult as left or center in the grand scheme of things.

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    I expect our lineup by the end of the year to look like:


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