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Thread: For MLB fans

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    Far right.

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    Andujar got robbed. BBWA should just award MVP with people who have 1 hit and 1 at bat because they are perfect. I'm actually pretty salty about this. Ohtani is a once in a generational talent, but if you're gonna fuck over Gary Sanchez when he broke out for "not enough games played" then give it to Fulmer, it doesn't make sense to give it to someone who had even less just because he pitches and bats .270. in 114 games, (92 he started) as a damn DH and struck out 33% of the time and didn't pitch for 5 months because he tore his elbow, over Miggy who started 149(152!!!!!!), and had 97 over 604 PA's and a better statline across the board with the exception of SBs and walks, but batting between Trout, Pujols, Upton, and Simmons can do that for you, compared to Miggy who did that batting 8th and 9th

    Reminiscent of when Colon won over Santana that year.

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    This Robbie Cano Trade is a robbery by the Mariners.

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    I'd say it was, right up until they dumped Colome as well. That bullpen is gonna be nutsacks, and Bruce can barely play the field anymore, Cruz has that DH spot on lockdown as well. If Kelenic actually brings hit bat to the majors, then yeah. And I suppose they are banking on Dunn to keep 4+ pitches at above average and be the closer down the line? But dealing Paxton and having an aging Felix, the market for Starting Pitchers is substantially more expensive, along with RP. Dealing from a surplus for farm system depth at this point just seems kinda dumb. They lost 3 All-Star calibur / Cy Young candidate / Reliever of the Year potential award winners for a 19 year old with a dope minor league bat (that's yet to be tested above Rookie Ball) and Dunn (23 years old in AA) prior to that dumping Colome for Narvaez who is projected for 33 rbi and 8 hr next season.

    I mean, aside from dumping 60mil off the Cano contract, it seems like a classic "Yeah fuck it, hope the dart sticks with these kids and dump some salary, please for the love of god work" kinda move.

    I feel if they waited a little more, till like midseason'ish, or even past the first few months to see if injuries arise so they can maximize value woulda been far better. Could you imagine what someone like the Dodgers would dump on them if they had a major injury that required someone like Cano (cause he can also be 2b/1b), or possibly the Rockies (who are trying to move on from Desmond), or hell, even the friggin Indians.
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    So the As just traded for Jurickson Profar. I know Jed Lowrie is a FA.

    1B: Matt Olson
    2B: ??? (Franklin Barretto)
    SS: ??? (Marcus Semien/Jurickson Profar)
    3B: Matt Chapman

    How does second base and shortstop play out? Is Profar an upgrade to Semien and just replaces him? Is Profar going to second and Barretto isn't going to the majors? What happens if Jed Lowrie returns who is SS Barretto/Semien/Profar?

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    Profar is basically everything but a catcher / 1B iirc from last year.

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    I'm frustrated that the Rockies didn't try to get Grandal. Bridich definitely could have gone after him on a 1-year deal and he would have made a huge difference this season. Realmuto is too expensive for Colorado to go after, so our catchers this season will be Tony Wolters and Chris Iannetta.

    Daniel Murphy was a great 2-year deal for Colorado, though. They absolutely sucked hitting rhp last season and Murphy will help a lot with that. He'll also hopefully limit the amount of time Ian Desmond plays this season.

    The only remaining move I'd like to see from Colorado is to obtain someone who can play CF and move Charlie Blackmon to left. Then get rid of Desmond.

    Not signing Brian Dozier was good, and avoiding bringing DJ Lemahieu back would also be good. Excited to see what Hampson, McMahon, and eventually Rodgers can do at 2B.

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    No news about Harper today is killing me..... sign him already

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