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Thread: For MLB fans

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    I'd rather take my chances with the 19 year old frankly. Because he's 19.. dude is at least a couple hundred abs before I'm more scared to pitch to him then an all star. Small sample size be damned.

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    Normally I'd agree, but that 19 year old is carrying an almost 400 obp with a 3:1 KK/BB ratio, and Murphy as the time wasn't even batting .200 lol

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    Ya Ill at least give you that gryph, it is an unusual circumstance.

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    I am going to Toronto on the 7th of July to see them play vs the Yankees. The guy who I am going with, his buddy is a translator for the Jay's and might be able to get us on the field for BP's and then visited the locker room. I'm super excited, I hope that works ! I'll post pictures if ever !!

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    Spencer will literally spray his shorts if you get into the Blue Jays locker room.
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    I am genuinely the life of the party

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    I have a wedding to go to that day.

    *eye twitch*

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    Bautista is mad.

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    Was not expecting this from Verlander v. Rays

    holy shit lol

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    They Rays are weird like that, as are the Padres. God tier matchup ready to be roflstomped and all of a sudden it's like boomstick city out of nowhere.

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