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Thread: For MLB fans

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    fwiw, MLB the Show has simulated 500 seasons, and Harper has signed with the Braves in 420 of them lol

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    It will be very good for baseball if all these "tanking" teams in the NL can become relevant again in the next few years. Its hard not to like what each of these teams has goin on. The braves, the Padres, the phillies.. even the Rockies and Reds have some good bases. It's been hard to watch any of those teams the last little while. The brewers and dbacks kinda make me sad because I don't see either of them being better then a second wild card team in the next 2-3 years.

    I don't watch much NL, and I'm not saying the AL is much better about it, but you can't really point to a single team trying to lose on our side of things. The As and Rays are "tanking" atm but they're always trying to save money and they always seem to find a way to field a "competitive" team. Kansas and the White Sox I guess are pretty pathetic atm.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Gryph View Post
    fwiw, MLB the Show has simulated 500 seasons, and Harper has signed with the Braves in 420 of them lol
    Pache or Inciarte in CF, Acuna in RF, Harper in LF... droool

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    The Braves lead the majors in runs scored and in run differential. I'm going to post this now early in the season while I have still something to brag about.

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    braves havent tanked and arent

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    Royals and Tigers...

    A match-up teams...I guess...

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    Circa 2013

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    Quote Originally Posted by Spencer 555 View Post
    Looked great.

    Braves getting Folty to outduel Mad Max lol.

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    Braves crushing Nats. I'm erect.

    Why is Freddie Freeman so good? Also a note on ESPN Fantasy Baseball:

    "Freeman has faced the lowest percentage of pitches in the zone among all hitters who faced at least 50 pitches through Monday's games, Mark Bowman of reports.
    Spin: Just 30.1 percent of pitches thrown to Freeman have been in the zone, which ranks last in the group of 189 hitters. It's a continuation of a trend from last year, where Freeman's 42.9 percent rate ranked 308th out of the 314 hitters who faced at least 1000 pitches. It's likely that Freeman will continue to get very few pitches to hit while Nick Markakis remains behind him in the lineup. That will help Freeman get on base and could give him a boost in on-base percentage leagues, but could cut into his home run and RBI totals."

    People fear Freddie more than 98% of the league's hitters.

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