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Thread: For MLB fans

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    I know what you’re saying.
    It makes the product on the field better, yes, but I don’t want a game full of defensive specialists and DHs. I mean the DH is an actual position. If you’re going to have 2 in the lineup, why not 3? Why not 4?
    Replacing the pitcher with the DH was an obvious inprovement because pitchers truly can’t hit. They don’t work at it and they don’t get consistent ABs and that will never change, so why torture everyone? Watching them hack away like a drunk guy in a batting cage is stupid and makes a 3 hour often boring game even more boring. I love baseball but it’s true.
    I mean you could probably replace most catchers with a DH in the lineup and improve offense but it’s not like catchers CAN’T hit. They can. They’re just usually not great hitters.
    Pitchers can’t fucking hit.
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    Also, the quality of some hitters who cant field in thenminors is pretty ridiculous. That would be my biggest argument for adding a DH to the NL. How often do you see impact bats get stuck in NL systems because they can't field. Fuck that shit.

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    Oh another big argument for the DH, it extends the career of some players by giving them days off from fielding.

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    Play ball?!

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    Apparently July 23rd or 24th

    Kinda excited my fantasy team will actually play

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