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Thread: For MLB fans

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    albies is just a monster.

    Every day Bautista starts makes me want them to go after Machado in FA.

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    Wanted to watch the Yankees As game but our channel says we get that or the Red Sox and they decided to show us the Red Sox.

    I live like 20-30 minutes from the As, why wouldn't they show us the local team. >:C

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    Surprising. If it was as Marlins I would just say because the red Sox probably will get more ratings. But it's the yankees.

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    I could go into horrific detail why that happens, but I don't think either one of you care lol

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    Quote Originally Posted by Spencer 555 View Post
    Basically, it has to do with TV zoning rights and contracts, to put it in perspective, I'll compare the TV contract history with the Rays and Yankees. Back in the early 90's the Yankees were exclusively Fox represented, so they naturally were always on Fox Sports channels (FSN, Fox 5, etc etc) when that contract expired, the Yankees took a business opportunity to partner with their rivals WPIX, and created their own channel under their rights to their content called the YES (Yankees entertainment and sports) Network, under the affiliate of WP11 (WPIX). Now what that did was allow anyone with a cable package (as back in the late 90's not everyone had satellite, fios, etc) to have exclusive content for their team, when cable evolved, so did that channel and they bought out the restrictions certain areas faced (South NJ with mostly PA teams, upstate NY with Buffalo) and broadcasted from the entire NY area and entire state of NJ.

    The Rays however did the exact opposite, and broadcast for a very select area of FL, which is why the stadium is always 50% empty, it's not because of the team, but unless you live in their broadcasting range, or have exclusive MLB deals like MLB At Bat or MLB TV (Fios / Direct TV) it's very difficult to see them, since Sun Network also owns the Florida Marlins broadcasts, which broadcasts on a much wider scale because Loria paid for it when he was the owner.

    The Red Sox also have this with NESN (New England Sports Network) which iirc is NBC affiliated. So if Oakland is broadcasted by NBCSCA (Cali NBC affiliate) and the NESN is also owned by NBC, then "blackout rates" apply if Hulky is outside the designated broadcasting range of a dual shown game broadcast (in his case, Oakland and Boston)

    As the season goes on, certain TV channels and their sister affiliates will bid or pay a parent company money to broadcast a game, hence why if Spencer has MLB Network and they are showcasing a Jays game, if he puts it on, it'll be blacked out on that channel, but if he puts on Sportsnet (I think that's what they play on) he'll have the game. So pretty much, Oakland and Boston were dual broadcasted to certain areas, Boston has the national coverage and Oakland was inside the blackout range for Hulky, despite him seeing the game on normal circumstances. It's why you see on games they'll say "Blackout rates apply" once in a while either during the broadcast or before the game when they show the sponsors / affiliates. Whenever that is said during a broadcast, it means 2 channels that are not affiliated are broadcasting a game either outside or overlapping their designated broadcasting ranges.

    To combat this, states with multiple teams will usually sell the games where they will have blackout problems to a parent company or another channel, which is usually why Yankees vs Mets would either be on WP11 (the owner of YES and SNY network), ESPN, or MLB Network exclusively. Cali does this often because they have the Padres, Oakland, Giants, and Dodgers, and Angels all within the same state
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    The Orioles are beating the Rays 17-0 in the 7th. They should all really just go home.
    Quote Originally Posted by Spencer 555 View Post
    I am genuinely the life of the party

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    Bautista with his first homer for the braves :')

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    also batting below the mendoza line. :')

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    Not for long

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