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Thread: For MLB fans

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    And yes... I know kemp wasn't a signing.

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    Because he's not going to provide anything at 3rd that we don't already have. That's the entire point. Like we don't necessarily need power, it's not how our lineup is built sans Freeman. Camargo would've been fine at 3rd if he didn't get hurt.

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    There aren't really diminishing returns to power. Look at the Yankees lol

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    Yes but their power is in their prime or haven't even hit their prime. Bautista is definitely past his. You're comparing apples to oranges, different bankrolls, and two opposite side of the spectrum teams.

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    I was only using that comparison because you said something that I didn't really understand.

    How does a lineup need power or not need power? The only thing that matters, at least to me, is production. At any spot in the lineup. Whether you get that production from speed, obp, or slugging shouldn't really matter. If you're trying to say, meh we can play these scrubs over bautista because we aren't competing yet, that's a perfectly valid argument. Personally, I would rather try to raise my ceiling and maybe contend for the playoffs as a braves fan (and gm) then be content with the mediocre product on the field.

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    Either way, I'm really optimistic about the braves situation. I think we're just arguing over nothing at this point because I love bautista and wanna see him play somewhere and you hate his guts lol.

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    I don't even care if he does sign with us for whatever stupid reason. If he plays for us I'll support him regardless of my disdain for him. We literally don't need him. We have a great core of guys for the foreseeable future. Ozzie, Acuna, Freeman, if Swanson can figure out his swing that'd be great, we have some young arms that'll be MLB ready at the end of this year or starting next year. We have money for FAs next year. I feel like our weakest spot is pitching. Although I don't think Teheran got any support at all last year, he's not a front of the line guy the Braves thought he was, but he's going to be the corner stone guy as an innings eater. He's more of a defacto #2 or high end #3 guy. We need better pitching and hopefully we spend on it next year.

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    plus i'm a huge fan of tyler flowers, sucks he just got hurt.

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    if Freeman stays healthy all year, i can see the Braves getting the NL ROTY and NL MVP.

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    Ya I really like flowers too. I just read an article about Christian pache on fangraphs. Sounds like he could be a fuckin monster too. And you're pitching in the minors is nasty.

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