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    I really wish Marcus Thames would sit Stanton down and tell him to knock off this thing he's doing.

    Last year prior to the allstar break, Stanton was K'ing a lot, and during the break (His normal at the time iirc was around 27%), he went from a level stance like this (2016):

    to this : (2017 pre-allstar break) (and also cut his K% down to like ~19-23%)

    To this (current) :

    Do you see how much of an extreme he's taking on being closed off? It's getting to the point where he physically can't hit pitches low and away or up in the zone, and it's showing. Not only that, but he's also much further back from the plate (notice where he's standing in the Dodger gif as opposed to the Toronto gif). What's weird about it to, is both of those bottom ones have been offspeed (or a breaker), as noticed by his 2nd hitch in his step, but this year ever since the HR against the Rays, he literally hasn't used it at all, I really wanna get into reporting for baseball so I can ask him wtf he's doing. I've played enough baseball and studied a lot of it to know there's no success with that much of an extreme, and I really wish someone would talk to him about it.

    Not only that, but you can tell he's offbalanced by his plant foot in the 3rd gif, see how he rolls over his own ankle? Where as the 2nd gif, its firmly planted and stays level (to an extent) and he's gotten lower from his initial stance.
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    I mean this in a loving way gryph, cause I can see the merit to what ur saying. But it's 1 week into the season. You said the same shit about Sanchez (different analysis) last year and I thought THAT was ridiculous. This is the reigning mvp for Christ sake!

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    No, I'm not calling him an asshole and to bench him or anything, I understand it's a small sample size and such, and struggles happen, all I'm saying is he's going to such an extreme closed stance and getting next to 0 results from it. He looks absolutely horrific at the plate (he also wasn't standing like that in spring training where he raked), and is missing the ball by about 1-2 inches (literally) since the start of the season (Even the ESPN commentators were saying he looks really bad)

    Sanchez this year though needs to level out his swing, he's launching the ball way to high as evident by his astronomically high FB rate and IFB rate, he's struggling as well and he's giving me the feeling he just wants to run into one to get himself started. The only bright spot in that lineup so far this year has been Gardner, Judge, and Didi, everyone else has mostly gigantic flaws that are beginning to have a book written on them ~12 games into the season, which isn't a good thing. What annoys me though, is it seems like Boone and Thames are afraid to talk about these things with the players. You do film study before every game, no one picked up on this? Y'know what I'm saying?

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    Ya, I hear that. I just assume they've got things more under control then you're giving them credit .

    Just to be clear tho, I do enjoy your analysis and think you're probably onto something with the swings. I dont usually get into the micro level analysis of hitters so it's cool to see. I'm a pitching watcher lol always have been.

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    I was having dinner with my fiance sitting at the bar watching the As Dodgers game, and I told her "he's going to hit a home run". Then Davis hit one. Then she was like "wow that was lucky", and I was like Joc hits a double. Then he did. Then we joked I shouldn't call a third play because it risks screwing it up, and I was like Piscotty strikes out. Then he did, I paid the tab and we left.

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    This is why Stanton is swinging like that, and why he crushed so many balls, and is the only reason Joey Gallo is relevant.

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    Ohhhh Sannnooooo. Bautista just signed with a team that I think you're gonna liiiikeeee.

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    Minor league deal. He's gonna play 3rd base.


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    Gleyber Torres about to start his career

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    Quote Originally Posted by Spencer 555 View Post
    Minor league deal. He's gonna play 3rd base.

    Do you really believes he plays 3rd in the Majors though? I just dont' see it.

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