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Thread: For MLB fans

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    I love listening to it on the radio. I think it's the old timey aesthetic of it to be honest. I do wood working and my favorite thing is listening to the Sox on the radio out in my garage. I have this running joke with my family that I would be the ultimate 1920s baseball announcer because I'm stupid good at voices (if I was smarter when I was younger I'd have gone into voice acting). I can do like that old timey TED WILLIAMS HIT A FROZEN ROPE INTO MID FIELD HE'S ROUNDING FIRST NOW SECOND NOW THIRD AND HE'S SLIIIIIIIIIDING INTO HOME AND HE'S!!!! OUT. OH HORSE FEATHERS...."


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    The pats success boggles my mind. I dont understand how a coach and quarterback can be so dominant over such a long length of time without the game passing them by and evolving. Is football just stuck in it's ways? I don't pay much attention to football, but the other major sports have changed a ton over the years recently and the dinosaur coaches who can't adapt are ran outta town. Hockey has a new speed/skill element that's essential, baseball has the homeruns, strikeouts, defensive shifting and 100mph pitches, basketball has wingspan and 3 pointers. From an outside perspective, bellicheck seems to have cracked the code and noone else knows how to beat his schemes.

    In hockey with the bruins, the success has been cultural I believe. The players have always been the gritty/tough sons of bitches cause thats the boston way.

    Red sox success, I think, has to do with analytics becoming much better at predicting success and essentially making it easier for high payroll teams to spend effectively. Imo, the red sox are basically the leafs of baseball. Highest ticket price, most rabid idiotic fans who don't tolerate failure but show up to games no matter what.

    Celtics success, I think is a good representation of what to look forward to in boston when this run is over. Smart franchize, good coaching, but attracting free agents is hard and success (especially championships) is hard.

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    Well that's sort of like the thing with it (and I'm genuinely not bragging or beating my chest, I think we can all agree the last twenty years in Boston has been insane), is basically the rhetoric on all news media here since like 2010 is "this is going to come crashing down eventually," and it just... hasn't. I know it will, I'd be dumb to think it won't. But this has just gotten historically insane at this point. I mean like Hugh noted, "what do you think this sounds like to me," I've seen an absolutely historical amount of championships here. Four World Series, Six Superbowls, one NBA Championship, and Stanley Cup and with basically constant post season deep runs in every single sport as well as other multiple championship appearances any of said four teams (except the Red Sox, they've won all of them handily) came pretty close to winning.

    Nothing like this has ever happened. It's fucking insane. Like it's not out of the question that the Patriots could win the Superbowl this year. The Bruins got to game 7 of the Cup last year and now they look like absolute world beaters, the numbers they're putting up are insane. The Red Sox are super unpredictable which annoys me, the routinely win the WS then like miss the playoffs with the same exact team the next year which still boggles my mind, but their ownership has so much money they're basically in the running absolutely every year. And the Celtics are always in deep playoff runs and they're playing the long game and are absolutely going to be a contender and very soon since they've developed their youth.

    It's nuts because I have friends all over the country and they all share the same exact sentiment as you guys, about how we're so spoiled we don't even know we're spoiled. Like I mentioned earlier, I was born in '89 so I at least saw a little over a decade of every sport team here being fucking garbage, so I'm not blind to it. But I can't imagine if you were like born in 1995 or so and all you've seen is every single team across all four sports absolutely crushing the rest of the country year in year out. Because basically once the Patriots won in 2001 after Bledsoe got hurt and Brady came in, it for some reason absolutely opened up the flood gates and EVERYONE in EVERY sport started ruling. I remember after the Patriots second or third Super Bowl on opening day with the Red Sox they had the whole championship Patriots team come out from behind the flag with wheel barrels of dirt from Gillette Stadium and dump it all over the field at Fenway, and then the Red Sox had one of the most iconic runs to a World Series ever. It's been fucking wild here since 2001.

    I'm thirty years old and I've been to twelve championship parades since I was twelve or thirteen or so. And across four sports.

    It's going to be a rude awakening for that whole gen z generation once it inevitably happens. Like I said, this is surreal, and I wouldn't be surprised if this never happened in any city ever again. I know I'm very lucky to have been around for it.
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    Oh and by the way, on the topic of Boston sports fans being shitty - it's 100% true.

    This is a very, very harsh city to move to. My ex moved here from New Jersey and she was like this is the meanest culture I've ever moved into. Like if you want an idea of what people are like here just drive down the highway and you'll figure out pretty quick that people here are very vocal, very mean, and will always throw down. I love where I'm from but I grew up here and can deal with it, but if I hadn't been born here I wouldn't want to move here. The Simpsons have tons of writers from Boston and they decided to do an episode called "the Town" that's about Boston and it is the most accurate fucking thing I've ever seen. The writers from Boston were super self aware and very self depricating and it's absolutely hilarious. It's absolutely worth watching if you have twenty minutes.

    So us winning a ton combined with our culture here where literally everything is like FAHK YOU YA FAHKING FAGGOT was literally the worst thing that could have happened, haha.

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    It looks like Mookie Betts is absolutely gone. The rumors here are even though he's a world beater, he just hates living in Boston and even though the Red Sox have the money, he just doesn't want to be here. It sounds like they're just going to swallow it and try to package him for as much as possible before letting him go to free agency. It sucks because he's a like a franchise player but I mean what are you gonna do if he hates it here. I hope they just trade him for a boatload of prospects because Dombrowski absolutely gutted our farm system, as he typically does. I mean we got a World Series out of it which was fun, but he didn't really set us up for the future.

    It sounds like they're going to try to move David Price too, but I don't know how the fuck they're going to unload that contract unless they eat a ton of money. They gave him a retarded amount of money. Other than like the Yankees I can't think of anyone that would want to take that on, especially at his age.

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    Trading price for salary relief would mean sweetening the package with prospects or young talent. If Boston is in fact worrying about the sky falling and shifting to rebuild mode, they probably should just ride out the price contract or trade him for prospects and eat the salary.

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    Blue Jays making some neat moves.

    I like Ryu and Shaw.

    I assume Shaw means Vlad Jr is 1st base now. Heard Encarcion might come back to DH. Could be a sleeper playoff team next year, but tough division.

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    1B: Shaw, assuming last year was fluke and previous two were what they are getting
    2B: Biggio
    SS: Bo
    3B: Vlad

    seems like a good infield doesn't it though?
    Grichuk was a pretty underrated OF last year and Gurriel has been floated as someone of value in trade speculation.

    Ryu was awesome last year, Shoemaker seems like a good #2 and Chase Anderson and Tanner Roark seem like high 3 low 4 ERA type dudes.

    Then if they trade for David Price back that seems like a good rotation, especially if they got power in a bat like Edwin at DH (and Giles actually lives up to potential as closer)

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    Not enough depth behind those guys, and defense is gonna be a problem. All 4 of those infielders are below average defenders especially vlad who is piss poor at 3b. We don't even have a center fielder.

    The pitching thankfully looks much improved, but I don't see it as more than a stopgap between now and the future rotation. We don't have too many years or dollars committed to this rotation, so I'm happy with it.

    Jays still have a ways to go. If we can get some massive improvement defensively from our infield and one of our CF prospects hits, we could be in the running for a wild card. Yankees, Red Sox and Rays are just too good to consider a division win right now.

    I think the plan is to be a fringe team the next 2-3 years, competitive, but not a real contender. And then if all goes well, really invest and go for it after that.

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