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Thread: For MLB fans

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    Id vote no if Jeter didn't sign my collection of game used Derek Jeter jock straps as well.

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    You don't vote yes or no. You list ten eligible players you believe should be in. So the guy left Jeter off his balot knowing Jeter was a slam dunk because it let him put an extra fringe player on his balot.

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    Let me rephrase then. Id leave him off my ballet if he refused to sign my authentic jock strap collection too.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Serge View Post
    So the guy left Jeter off his balot knowing Jeter was a slam dunk because it let him put an extra fringe player on his balot.
    If the real reason for a voter keeping Jeter off the ballot was to give a a fringe player a chance then you would have seen more than one voter do it. Don’t try to justify something as stupid as keeping Derek Jeter off of a hall of fame ballot. It’s just as stupid as it sounds.
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    I don't really like cartoons.

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    There werent 10 guys on the list anyways that were worthy. Next year is even thinner.

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    Price and Betts to the Dodgers

    For those who don't know :
    Dodgers Acquire Betts and Price, along with Brauston Gababababababababaulllyyy whatever his name is
    Twins acquire Kenta Maeda
    Boston Gets Alex Verdugo and Brauston Gabababababababaullly whatever his name is.

    Strange trade honestly, I know why Boston did it. But, I don't know why the hell the Dodgers would do it. Sure Betts is a game changer, and Price can be elite at times. But didn't Dodgers have a massive outfield logjam last year at one point? Trading OF for OF just...yea lol.

    Verdugo, Pollack, Bellinger, Taylor, Hernandez. Plus they have a logjam infield as well

    Muncy, Taylor, Hernandez, Lux, Turner, Seager and a bunch of situational guys. Everybody on that team plays multiple positions, sure. But how much value can you really have moving 12 bats around all over the diamond every day? At some point, positions need to settle in y'know?

    Edit : Nvm, there goes Joc Pederson to the Angels. Logjam fixed not more than 4 seconds after I made this post

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    Highway robery. For the first time ever, I feel a little bad for the red sox.... but not really .

    Dodgers have to be world series favourites at this point.

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    would they extend Betts or is this a rental

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    Quote Originally Posted by Hulky View Post
    would they extend Betts or is this a rental
    I have a feeling it was mostly the same with Chapman and the Yankees - Cubs. Where management explained like "Hey, this needs to happen and we want you here. Help these guys win so you can help us win tomorrow, go try to get this world series and then we can do our business" kinda things. Then Chapman resigned the next year.

    If it was to go Boston's dream scenario the following would need to happen :
    --JD Martinez goes off and is dealt at the deadline to a DH needing contender for more salary dump
    He brings back either a highly touted pitching prospect or a few dart throw 1-2 year away guys / Backend bullpen guys [Hader possibly?]

    --Jackie Bradley is traded for another prospect

    --Triston Casas and Bryan Mata DESTROY the minors and get called up

    --Red Sox, now under luxury tax enter 2020/21 season with a 300 million dollar centerpiece, very little dead money, and a restructured rotation and begin contending again

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    Mookie hated Boston. David Price REALLY hated Boston. Like very openly in our media. The Red Sox fucked up. They signed price for waaaay too much money, and he fucking despised living here. The Boston sports media is more cut throat than any sports market in the nation and I'll eat my hat if you can prove me wrong. Athletes and managers are on record saying it fucking blows working here because it's championship or bust in Boston. Since 2000 I've seen six super bowl wins across nine appearances, four world series wins, one stanley cup across three appearances, and one NBA title across two appearances. I remember saying something bitching about the Red Sox and Hugh was like "you're only thirty and uou've seen four world series titles."

    So Mookie and Price fucking hated it here. When Price came here he'd never won a post season game. The people here absolutely impaled him because he blew his first season and only came here for the money.

    I ain't saying it's right, but if you come to Boston either win or go home. That isn't my feeling, it's just my observation on the culture here.

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