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    Andujar got robbed. BBWA should just award MVP with people who have 1 hit and 1 at bat because they are perfect. I'm actually pretty salty about this. Ohtani is a once in a generational talent, but if you're gonna fuck over Gary Sanchez when he broke out for "not enough games played" then give it to Fulmer, it doesn't make sense to give it to someone who had even less just because he pitches and bats .270. in 114 games, (92 he started) as a damn DH and struck out 33% of the time and didn't pitch for 5 months because he tore his elbow, over Miggy who started 149(152!!!!!!), and had 97 over 604 PA's and a better statline across the board with the exception of SBs and walks, but batting between Trout, Pujols, Upton, and Simmons can do that for you, compared to Miggy who did that batting 8th and 9th

    Reminiscent of when Colon won over Santana that year.

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