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    Quote Originally Posted by Hugh View Post
    Probably not. I mean of course Mayweather will “win” the “boxing match” but he’ll probably take it easy on Paul and drag it out a while.
    If Mayweather wanted to end it in 30 second of course he could, but if people are going to keep buying these bullshit “fights” he needs to put on a show so they kind of get their money’s worth.
    I don't pay to see those sort of things live, but tbh I'd rather watch the pro instantly destroy the amateur. I remember watching Manny P v. Floyd live and thinking it was too drawn out where Mayfield knew he had point advantage and just maintained it and ran out the clock. A youtuber should get KO'd though to show a difference between professional boxer and amateur.

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    Well that was disappointing. The co-main event fucking sucked, then McGregor broke is ankle. He's gotta be done, that looked career ending to me. I'll be shocked if he fights again, and if he does he's a fool. He's a great fighter but such a double bag. Poirer was destroying him anyways.

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    McGregor gets in his own way. And I honestly believe that it's mostly on purpose but he has absolutely no measure of consequence. Once he did the Mayweather boxing match it was abundantly clear he knew he could make a pay check, and that's all he wanted. He's a brilliant businessman, he knows that controversy makes money.

    I've been fighting since 1992. I actually had the opportunity to go pro, but due to my age, there wasn't a huge stage for Flyweights (125) in MMA. I walk around at about 119ish (I'm 5'9 for context, I'm build like a horse jockey. I'm not all skin and bones, I'm all lean muscle but I'm a tiny dude). So I actually have to gain weight before a fight. My last one was a few years back, I'm thirty two now and I'm about to step back into a ring in regard to Muay Thai, but I sort of no fault of my own missed the boat on MMA chronologicially. Just barely too.

    McGregor is only a few months older than me, and heavier. Not by much, he's a featherweight naturally, but he likely walks around at about 165 to 170ish. I know for a fact I've been fighting way longer than him, and while I'm this quiet, laid back dude, he's an insufferable piece of shit.

    He's the dude in your gym nobody likes. Even if he gets invited out for a beer, nobody is happy he's there. The one huge thing about fighting is you want to train with good dudes, people who you trust won't hurt you and who aren't going to be a dick. Some bumps and bruises? Sure, that comes with the territory. Some fucking dick bad who's simply grade A garbage in terms of personality? Get the fuck out of here. Go play diddle each other with Mayweather in a who can't touch each other contest, and walk like you shit your pants into the ring every time you enter.

    He's a talented guy, I'd be dumb as fuck to say otherwise. But he's in it for the money, nothing more, nothing less.

    I can't see him being able to come back safely, he's likely going to get some permanent hardware in his foot/ankle. If he broke one of his long bones (Tibia or Fibula) then he could maybe fight again. If he broke his mechanical capacity of his ankle joint? He's done.

    I'd never wish injury on any fighter, I sincerely hope he lives out his life with his wife and kids. But I wouldn't care if he never came back. It'd be better for MMA.

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    Well last night was lame as fuck all.

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