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Thread: College Football

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    I wish Maryland would have won.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Sanosuke View Post
    I wish Maryland would have won.
    Bet you wish Michigan did too, how did that work out for ya?

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    Better than how Urban Meyer is working out for y'all.

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    Yeah. He clearly needs to step his game up.


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    No one ever called Meyer a bad coach.

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    He's not a bad person either, but a lot of people fail to realize that the media can spin anything they want to look any way they want.

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    Damn. Georgia chokes again.

    I was actually hoping Georgia would win, even though it would ensure OSU gets left out and Bama and Georgia would both be in yet again. I figure if that happens, hopefully there will be enough backlash from the rest of the country to push for an 8 team playoff. Ever since they first announced that the playoff would only have 4 teams, I thought that was the dumbest shit ever and it just continues to look dumber and dumber every year.

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    Thanks for the QB, Sano.

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    I bought tickets to UGA @ Vandy. My body is ready for week 1

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    Nick Saben is a fucking prick. Alabama’s beating Duke 35-3 and he’s screaming and throwing a tantrum on the sideline like spoiled brat.
    Quote Originally Posted by max2k106 View Post
    Memes?!?!?!?1 Does she even know who she's talking to? That's like asking Ach if he knows about butt stuff.

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