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Thread: College Football

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    Default College Football

    I'm all about the SEC but will discuss other conferences.

    Favorite Teams:

    Zoticus: Woo Pig Sooie

    Post or PM your favorite team and I will add you to the list.
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    Jacob Eason is going to literally shred every defense by himself.

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    Fortunately, we do not play Georgia this year. He looks like a beast and given Arkansas secondary Eason would tear us apart.

    Arkansas schedule is below:

    2016 Arkansas Football Schedule
    Sept. 3 - Louisiana Tech
    Sept. 10 - at TCU
    Sept. 17 - Texas State
    Sept. 24 - Texas A&M (Arlington, Texas)
    Oct. 1 - Alcorn State (Little Rock)
    Oct. 8 - Alabama
    Oct. 15 - Ole Miss
    Oct. 22 - at Auburn
    Oct. 29 - OPEN
    Nov. 5 - Florida
    Nov. 12 - LSU
    Nov. 19 - at Mississippi State
    Nov. 26 - at Missouri

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    I came here to see what you thought about it, Gypsy. It certainly surprised me.

    But we also just might be those motherf*ckers.

    - Bad Bitch

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    I fully thought Briles would get off scott free. It's a pleasant surprise though, because he should never coach again imo.

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    How the fuck is this thread so dead with COLLEGE FUCKING FOOTBALL STARTING NEXT WEEK?


    UNC is going to get beat by 2 scores.

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    i put this in the pot thread but for a bit of an interesting story...

    on Friday Aug 19th five ND players including starter Max Redfield were caught going 72 in a 60 in Fulton County driving from South Bend to Bloomington IN and arrested for possession of marijuana. (They also had unlicensed loaded firearms).

    on Tuesday Aug 16th, I was caught going about 72 in a 60 (can't remember exactly, there's is just a news report) in Fulton County driving from South Bend to Bloomington IN and arrested for possession of marijuana.

    I had pretrial today with (now-former) Notre Dame starting safety Max Redfield. He borrowed my pen.


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    I'll post my analysis for UGA's schedule this year though.

    Week 1: vs #22 UNC @ Georgia Dome (basically a home game)
    UNC has historically been terrible against the run. We have Nick Chubb (top 5 RB in the country, fact) and Sony Michel (top 5 backup RB in the country, opinion). Brandon Douglas doesn't suck either. UNC's WRs are going to be the first test for Georgia's revamped secondary. Our LB corps is still obnoxiously good. I think we win by two scores. 31-20

    Week 2: vs Nicholls State
    Tune up game for Mizzpoo. We win 132-3

    Week 3: @ Missouri
    Missouri doesn't know how to offense and won the Eastern conference by fluke twice. Should be a comfortable first road win to get our first bout of conference play under our belt. 38-10

    Week 4: @ #11 Ole Miss
    Considering Ole Miss has beaten Alabama the past two years, and we now have Alabama's Defensive Coordinator has our HC, AND it's a fucking away game, I'm slightly terrified. Not scared of The Rebels' offense whatsoever now that the Dak Attack is gone, but their defense will be Jacob Eason's first true test as a QB and it'll be interesting to see if the coaching staff decides to just try to feed Chubb the football and let Eason air it out once they're afraid of our running game. We don't have true WRs except Terry Godwin (who has SEC speed). This is a close game to call, and honestly think this will be our first loss. If we win this football game, our season will be looking up, probably letting us crack the Top 10. if UGA wins: 28-24, if Ole Miss wins, 31-24

    Week 5: vs #9 Tennessee
    I've been telling all of my fellow UGA fans that Tennessee would be the team to beat last year, and I definitely mean it this year. When Butch Davis took over and basically trotted out a 90% freshman/sophomore team 3 years ago, I knew we'd be fucked. Davis has been destroying the recruiting trail and I'm terrified of the Vols this year. The only thing we have over them is homefield advantage. The Vols' wideouts are otherworldly monsters and our best DBs left for the draft last year. We will have to pressure the QB more than ever in this game I believe, and this is when Kirby Smart will pull out all his stops. If we beat Ole Miss, I like our odds of beating Tennessee just based on moment alone. I like my Dawgs in a rivalry game at home. I think the black jerseys might even come out of retirement for this one. UGA wins 38-35 OT1

    Week 6: @ South Carolina

    Free win

    Week 7: vs Vanderbilt

    (Playing bye week)

    Week 8: vs #25 Florida

    I don't even see how Florida is ranked in the preseason poll, granted preseason polls are trash anyways. Florida will get steam rolled.

    Week 9: @ Kentucky

    Free win but dangerous if we don't actually try the first half.

    Week 10: vs Auburn


    Week 11: vs LA-Lafeyette


    Week 12: vs Georgia Tech

    Georgia Tech fell to shambles last year and I don't expect them to even be mediocre this year. We're closing the season with a win against Auburn, a tune-up Lafeyette game at home, and shitting on Georgia Tech's triple-option horse shit to end the season. UGA Wins: 4,328-0

    Optimistically, we could actually go 12-0 if we beat Ole Miss. But in true Georgia fashion, we will drop a game we're not supposed to (looking at you Auburn). Our schedule might let us go 12-0 and it's a very real possibility, but it's more likely we go 11-1, make playoffs, or 10-2 and make a major bowl.

    If Jacob Eason is every bit of the man I believe him to be, he'll be the key to us making the playoffs. It'll be us or Tennessee winning the East.

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    Wow that schedule lines up really well. I don't believe the UT hype train.

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