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Thread: College Football

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    I'm just patiently waiting for Bama to get raped by investigations.

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    Georgia has a chance to win the East but we have literal nobodies at WR this year. Nick Chubb and Sony Michel both returning is HUGE. Chubb is one entire football season removed from the knee injury and is probably going to be the best back in the SEC given the O-Line performs at least at a slightly above average level. Trenton Thompson and Roquan smith will be huge keys to success on defense for UGA. Jacob Eason will be the reason we either win footballs or lose them those. He's a pure natural passer with a massive arm and I'm excited for the season but with tempered expectations.

    If Florida wins the East a third year in a row I don't know if my heart can handle it. Notre Dame is a good first test. If we win, and if we do, by how many points will be a big indication of where this team will go imo.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Sanosuke View Post
    also where is gypsy?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Da Gyps View Post

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    Are you ready for some football?

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    see above

    inb4 Florida experiment with their new QB implodes

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    at this point, ya.

    Gonna be funny to watch the SEC implode, saying this as the vehement UGA/SEC fan I am. Auburn is supposedly the only West contender to challenge Bama. Pretty sure Tennessee is going to embarrass itself against Georgia Tech. Florida doesn't know what it wants to do on offense. UGA has nobody at WR but everywhere else is pretty well stocked with talent. Pretty confident in a Bama vs UGA SEC championship.

    Michigan vs Florida will be fun to watch tho.

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    why is penn state ranked #6

    why is washington ranked #7? their only game is @Stanford....

    why is LSU in the top 25? Why is Tennessee in the top 25?

    Why is Michigan only at #9?

    Why are these polls so dumb?

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