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Thread: Created a TAO spiritual-successor Battle is Key!

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    Default Created a TAO spiritual-successor Battle is Key!

    Beta is up ! email :

    A passion project I've been working on for some-time. Online PvP already implemented.

    EDIT :

    Video of a match in Beta(trailer in the steam link above ):

    No subscriptions.
    All units are available to anyone.
    Ranked matches , Online mode and etc already built.
    3 different Game modes.
    AI vs on the way. Tutorials 1/3 way finished.
    Polls for new units and map for frequent Updates.

    And most importantly - The game , though grid-based , is REAL-TIME!

    You can turn , walk , push , and attack multiple Units/Classes at any given time!

    It's currently on Steam GreenLight now - support would be very much appreciated!

    I would also love feedback from you guys.

    I played this game when it came out for a long while and it really influenced me to be a Computer Science Major and Start a game company.
    Good times.

    EDIT : Almost Forgot to List the Units playable so far
    Knight - High Attack that lowers when HP is below 50 percent. Has a Shield Move that block Status ailments if timed right.
    Geomancer - Can Spawn Cubes to block players. Earth-Quake Knock away all nearby Units. Can spawn a wave of sand that pushes units.
    WereWolf - Think Berserker. When struck. He auto howls and heals for each Unit Nearby. Can Sense Invisible Units. Weak to fire.
    Mage - Can set an Ice Trap that falls on Units and procs Confusion. Has a Fireball and Thunder move that hits airborne Units.
    Priest - Auto Heals weakened allies. Can heal from afar. Able to Exorcise 'Evil' Units like Werewolf , Assassin , Nother etc.
    Dragon - Stays in flight all game. Flies over obstacles. Able to destroy Obstacles in a single attack.
    Assassin - Invisibility and the ability to throw a dagger 4 tile that procs Poision. At low health he can explode for High Burn damage...'member?
    Nother - A ghostly Unit that can go thru walls , teleport and set poison traps.
    Archer - Can set a cross shape pattern of grass for invisibility. Long rang attacks that include an ability to go over obstacles.
    Ronin - Can commit seppuku to deal massive damage 2 tiles BEHIND him. If damaged , this Unit spreads the total evenly to adjacent allies.
    Monk - Auto regens over time and has diagonal movement . High stat resistance. High Damage to Blocks. Invisible if in Grass.
    ForestSpirit - Spawns 3x3 grass tiles. On Death , this unit explodes for high Burn Damage that leaves lava. After time the lava becomes Grass.

    Crystal - A Unit That must be Selected in Crystal Mode. If destroyed you lose. Invisible in Grass. Auto regens. Diagonal and Double movement.
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    This looks really cool, I'll check it out in some more depth later. The realtime aspect would make developing a strategy more difficult, but all-in-all, very nice job.

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    Yea it's true. If your team composition is poor then you might be waiting for moments that never mature.
    Units have a sort of Pseudo-AI that turns on when you are not using them. So you could position your archer at a choke point will you re-position your units out of some danger.
    The archer will auto-shoot enemies if/until you get back.

    Did you vote on a Unit?

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    Definitely a golem haha

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    Of Course! He's actually in progress. able to teleport and pick up and throw blocks and stuff

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    I'd recommend creating different AI patterns that can be preset and changed in the midst of combat if you haven't already.

    What language are you using in Unity?

    Also what are the language options unity provides, and can it transpile from one language to another effectively?

    Did a quick google search and didn't come up with much...+(

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    The Language we use mostly is C#. It supports C , C++ , and JavaScript.

    As for the AI pattern presets :

    Tried it and most of the beta testers did not respond well to it. The current approach is to mix the presets together for situations a user would generally want to occur when the Unit is idle and to lower the cost of the auto moves so as not to impede on a players active options. The game is real-time and when you play you'll see the difficulty
    in auto swapping the idle AI. But the feature IS present in the code so it might make a comeback.
    If an enemy is in front of the knight he will auto attack after some time (Behaviour 1).
    Else , if he is struck with an attack before he decides to attack - he will auto block(Behaviour 2).

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    Have you put in hotkey support?
    That would make AI behavior changes a lot simpler to manage than navigating the GUI via mouse clicks.
    Beta-testers know best though, so if it doesn't work for the playstyle, it doesn't work.

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    There is no mouse clicking or Menus in battle at all:

    Each Unit is given a Letter on the keyboard the when pressed, allows for control from the player.
    When released , the Unit will preform some actions on its own although these actions are usually not as game changing as the manual ones.

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    Great video, looking forward to this game, too. Looks like every game that's coming out has its own spin which makes it unique, real-time in yours really changes it up. However, I'm not sure how easy it would be to control many units at the same time or create a combined attack since you have less time to think.

    It also kind of feels like the real-time strategies in League of Legends, no?
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