Thanks. Yeah still working on it. I realized that I probably released it prematurely to you guys. So I'm working on cleaning up what I had created so that I can make further improvements more easily. I want my next release to be more "Alpha" to be a stable starting point, I then want to clean up my deploy environment so I can just run a script and relaunch everything. Right now It takes about an hour to reconfigure the project for the deploy server (Painful and tedious).

Once I have the cleanup work done I'll go back to adding new features and new units. Current Features Unreleased:
  1. ELO System
  2. Gold Generation from winning
  3. Splash screen and menu
  4. 2 new characters (blacksmith (buffs troops, not satisfied with him yet), and GA)
  5. Ability to swap in benched characters into your board when you configure your set
  6. Troop fixes: Enchantress to be focus based, BW not sure yet (I changed these but then broke my code)
  7. LOTS of code cleanup

New Features I plan to add (In randomized order):
  1. Line of Sight abilities (Archer)
  2. ELO based matchmaking
  3. Ability to undo moves
  4. More units
  5. Maybe a Legacy TAO game mode (pending my many internal code changes it should be easier to add multiple side game-modes, not done with those yet)
  6. ... TBD ...