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Thread: Pre-Alpha Release of new Tactics-Style Game!

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    Thanks. Yeah it's definitely a work in progress but it's coming along. TAO forums is the only place I've posted the game so far, but eventually I plan to do a larger scale release so we have more players, but only once the game is further along. I have a new update in the works right now which will track every player's ELO and allow them to win gold from victories. Gold will be used later to buy new characters, or more of the same characters, so that you can further customize your sets.

    As always, I love feedback and ideas - so if you have any, let me know!

    On another note for anyone who is following Stratagem:
    • I'm starting a new job soon, so development will likely slow down. Luckily, most of the game logic is already there. I think a lot of the next steps will be adding cool new characters (ideas, models, and animations) So if you want to contribute to that effort - let me know.
    • I recently found out that the word "Stratagem" is trade marked for another video game, so I'll be changing it soon. (Let me know if you have a cool name idea)

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    if I could give one true honest suggestion, don't do the gold to buy units thing. it's really easy to become the best player by farming gold

    xerent tried it on his game and I was the best player in the game and it wasn't that fun and then his game was gone

    or do it, maybe it'll turn out differently on your game

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    Thanks for the feedback. I'm happy to discuss this feature and think up alternatives. Though I think there needs to be some progression in the game. I think games are more fun when you're progressing and customizing by earning gold and buying units.

    I'm hoping to make the units balanced enough to where there are natural "counters" that exist between different set types. So if there is one "best" set, then there should exist some other set of units which counters that. This way people are playing many different types of sets and devising new strategies. If everyone plays the same set all the time, then it's not as fun. Farming (by cheating and playing an alt account) might be more difficult because with matchmaking (and enough players online) it is hard to get matched to yourself.

    I'm not familiar with Xerents game, was it another TAO clone? How did people farm gold on it? I am planning it to be similar to Hearthstone, basically there are 3 rules:

    1. 3 wins awards 10 gold, up to 100 gold per day (if you are able to win 30 games)
    2. 500 gold to start with
    3. 20 gold for your "win of the day"

    Then units cost about 360 (negotiable) each so it takes about a week to get a new character you want if you play regularly. 18 days if you just log on every day to win 1 game, and 3 days if you max out the 120 gold per day cap.

    What do you think?

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    Sounds better than xerents. You could buy the gold on his. Yes, heavily influenced by tao

    I'm assuming you're trying to replace drops with this. It sounds good

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    Yes. So there won't be drops, just gold (earned from winning games) which is used for unit purchases in the store. If I ever get to the point of selling things for real money, it'd probably only be for like cosmetics and silly things like that to cover the server hosting costs.

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    I've been having open-source/shared-source thoughts for stratagem(soon to be renamed). Partly because I'm starting to not have much time to work on it as I would like, but also because it leaves the game in the hands of everyone interested in developing it and (probably) speeds up the development time. Mostly this just transfers some of the ownership from me, to the community.

    This would:
    1. Enable interested parties in contributing to the games development (Good - faster development, and better prioritization of what is important)
    2. Depending on the license used, possibly allow people to host their own servers/make their own game from it and release it how they want (Good or bad, depending on how it splits the community)
    3. Possibly opens the game up to easier exploits/hacks

    What do you guys think? Would anyone want/not want this? Would anyone contribute?

    I will take a general silence to mean "no" for all of the above questions. Which is fine, but I know some people have asked in the past about contributing so I wanted to bring this up. Mostly your answers will help me decide how much effort I put into deciding a software license, and cleaning up my code so it is easier to follow.

    Thanks for reading!

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    I hope someone takes up the project, but it seems like there are only a few people on here with extensive experience coding, Aristocatt being one of them. I'm sure if you made it open-source that at some point in the future someone will pick it up, myself included. But I do have many other things on my plate at the moment.
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    I wouldn't mind helping out. If it's open source and the schedule is flexible then I'm in. As much as I like my game, TAO-'s pacing still affords a unique perspective on SRPG's.
    I what Language is the game written in?

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    Thanks for the responses. It's not that I'm stopping as a developer. I will just likely be slowing down. The game is written with NodeJS(backend), PixiJS(webgl frontend), SocketIO(communication), MongoDB (database) but Javascript is the main language, then obviously there's some basic HTML and CSS.

    What sort of license would you guys prefer?

    I'm not very familiar with open sourcing, but what I wouldn't want to happen is have someone take our hard work with developing this game, pervert it into some pay-to-win game, split the community of players, or confuse people as to which game is ours and which is theirs. At the same time, I don't want people who want to help to think that I'm trying to get free labor so that I can line my pockets.

    I just need to figure out the appropriate type of license for our situation.

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    I will likely use this license:

    This basically just requires the game not be used for commercial purposes and that they provide attribution. So it's technically not an open-source license because it disallows the use of the project for commercial uses.

    It also allows people contributing to mark their contributions as whatever license they want. So if you code or make something, you can license it however you want.

    What does everyone think?

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