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Thread: Pre-Alpha Release of new Tactics-Style Game!

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    Thanks. Yeah still working on it. I realized that I probably released it prematurely to you guys. So I'm working on cleaning up what I had created so that I can make further improvements more easily. I want my next release to be more "Alpha" to be a stable starting point, I then want to clean up my deploy environment so I can just run a script and relaunch everything. Right now It takes about an hour to reconfigure the project for the deploy server (Painful and tedious).

    Once I have the cleanup work done I'll go back to adding new features and new units. Current Features Unreleased:
    1. ELO System
    2. Gold Generation from winning
    3. Splash screen and menu
    4. 2 new characters (blacksmith (buffs troops, not satisfied with him yet), and GA)
    5. Ability to swap in benched characters into your board when you configure your set
    6. Troop fixes: Enchantress to be focus based, BW not sure yet (I changed these but then broke my code)
    7. LOTS of code cleanup

    New Features I plan to add (In randomized order):
    1. Line of Sight abilities (Archer)
    2. ELO based matchmaking
    3. Ability to undo moves
    4. More units
    5. Maybe a Legacy TAO game mode (pending my many internal code changes it should be easier to add multiple side game-modes, not done with those yet)
    6. ... TBD ...

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    Anyone wanna play a stratagem game? I'm online.

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    Any new progress towards the Alpha version release, UnitOfTime?

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    Hey Thanks for checking in. Yep still in the works. I've been in a code refactoring phase for a bit now to help with scalability concerns that I had. I finished reworking how character abilities work so that it would be a lot more flexible and easier to change things around (ie fine tuning) and adding new characters in. Now I'm working on refactoring how the server sets up matches and manages all of the data distribution involved with matchmaking, chatrooms, and the game actually playing (got a lot done last weekend). Next I may clean up the GUI/Frontend stuff which is probably the most hacked together of all of my code. Not too sure what my scope will be for the frontend refactoring, but still lots to do!

    I also just moved to a new country so slight delays with that Sorry for the wait!

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    Thank's for the encouragement. I'm more than happy to answer questions about my game, so don't be sorry about asking. I actually log on from time to time just to answer questions. But there's nothing I'd love more than to hear that people want to play my game, it honestly keeps me motivated.

    As for the game: I've unfortunately been very busy with work so I haven't had much time for development in the past month or so; I'm also unfortunately still very busy with work so won't have much time (just weekends) to work on side projects. It's a fairly monumental effort to do all the game polishing that I want, so that stuff takes time. I do agree that graphics and animation could be better, but if I spent any more time focused on that instead of other things I'd probably never finish I have a lot of internal and external changes since my last release (which was a loooong time ago), but here is my current list of non-released changes:
    1. General Code Cleanup
    2. ELO System
    3. Earn Gold from winning
    4. Improved UI (menu and in game)
    5. Blacksmith, GA, Furgeon, Stone Golem
    6. Fixed Assassin (attack 4 sided), Archer LoS, Enchantress (Focus based now), BW (buggy but focus based)

    I really want to get this next release out the door, but it has been hard to find the time.

    Thanks for reading. Hit me up with any more questions or comments.

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