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Thread: Stratagem Alpha Released

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    Default Stratagem Alpha Released

    Creator: UnitOfTime
    Game link:
    Announcement thread:

    Play link on the forum as well, this multiplayer game uses automated match making. So feel free to organize playing other forum members through Forum chat to time when to enter match making. Great potential and an amazing progress to launch from Unit of Time thank you for sharing with us.

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    nevermind, matchmaking

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    I like it. Wish I could play a PC.

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    Hi Zoticus,

    Thanks! I'm sorry that there isn't an AI to play against currently. I'm hoping that as the game grows there will always be someone to play against, but for now I was hoping to focus on adding game features to multiplayer, rather than adding AI - because I think the general preference is to play against people rather than the computer. But if everyone wants a super basic AI to play, I could add that to my development roadmap. I'm not familiar with AI development, but I think it is fairly challenging.

    You can currently play against yourself by creating two separate accounts and logging in with them on different browsers (or the same browser with one window incognito/private and the other normal). But if you're really desperate to play someone, then shoot me a PM and we can schedule a time to play. (Also anyone can PM me to play/chat if they want).


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    I'll be on when I'm studying or doing stuff for school

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    Quote Originally Posted by Hulky View Post
    Unit of Time would seeing the TAO actionscript codes help? I think the main thing missed from your game is blocking if I remember right, but especially after your art redo it's a really awesome project.
    Quote Originally Posted by Wizzy` View Post
    didn't know you could customize your set and it does look a lot better

    i kind've wanna play a game

    i have the grey anti-rush set atm


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    Any progress? Cool game!
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    Ah sorry I usually update the other thread. Still a work in progress! Trying to get to a stable point before next big update.

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