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Thread: INTEREST FORM: Arena Reborn: Game Development Team

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    Default INTEREST FORM: Arena Reborn: Game Development Team

    Hi everyone!

    Per our discussion in the Facebook group, we're taking the initial steps to begin development on a new addition to the Turn-Based Strategy genre. Right off the bat, we want to take advantage of the talent, experience and wisdom that this community has fostered over the past decade when building this game.

    Would you like to join our team, or keep up-to-date on its progress? Fill out the form below and let us know how you'd like to get involved!


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    open source, multiplatform?

    the new generation of tao players only have pocket computers that does not run flash

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    Hi Lux!

    We have that on our radar. :-)

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    Exist xyxaxyz2's Avatar
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    Can we just discuss it on this forum? I don't really want to join a mailing list or facebook.

    I'm theoretically interested...I like the idea of creating a new game in the TAO niche. I'm a decent programmer, and worked on one of the previous aborted TAO imitators.

    Also, who are you?

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    Yeah, Evan's right? We were all pumped on that one for a little while

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    Yeah...I think it was going along nicely, but then I went to grad school and Evan got a job or something

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    You people and your "responsibilities"...

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    Quote Originally Posted by xyxaxyz2 View Post
    Can we just discuss it on this forum? I don't really want to join a mailing list or facebook.

    I'm theoretically interested...I like the idea of creating a new game in the TAO niche. I'm a decent programmer, and worked on one of the previous aborted TAO imitators.

    Also, who are you?
    I second this, and I sent the guy a PM instead of signing up to the mailing list.

    It would be a lot of fun to make a new game with people on this forum.

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    billy [2:56 PM]
    joined #general. Also, @enijar joined.

    enijar [3:21 PM]
    Hi Billy

    billy [3:21 PM]

    moose [4:11 PM]
    joined #general

    billy [4:35 PM]
    hmm no one's getting the slack invites

    me14k [4:38 PM]
    joined #general. Also, @lieutenant joined, @monkus joined.

    billy [6:15 PM]
    hi team! thanks for joining ^_^

    trogdor [7:24 PM]
    joined #general. Also, @meletus joined, @shampoozle joined, @guardiaanangel joined.

    guardiaanangel [11:29 PM]
    Hello everyone _


    ----- May 2nd -----
    billy [12:02 AM]

    bdog is sitting in Rev saying GOODBYE WORLD every hour

    guardiaanangel [1:36 AM]
    poor guy :simple_smile:

    guardiaanangel [7:31 AM]
    it seems that TAO is still running btw

    I was able to register today and everything

    jeffery [8:40 AM]
    joined #general

    jeffery [10:16 AM]
    And the ending has ended

    guardiaanangel [10:45 AM]

    brandon [11:06 AM]
    joined #general

    brandon [11:11 AM]
    Hey all sad day but day one of rebuild!

    billy [11:18 AM]

    guardiaanangel [11:25 AM]
    and we have the means

    brandon [12:07 PM]
    I feel like a part of me has just died T_T

    guardiaanangel [12:07 PM]
    Well everything eventually must die. To be reborn again, better, sometimes

    brandon [12:12 PM]
    I'm excited for a new version!

    billy [1:12 PM]
    I can give you a working copy of my WIP game if you'd like, but it's not very loyal to 1.0

    billy [1:20 PM]
    and it's ugly af

    brandon [1:23 PM]
    Lets see it: D

    billy [1:24 PM]
    let me find something
    [Broken Link]

    brandon [1:32 PM]
    Oh wow that looks very interesting: O

    brandon [1:48 PM]
    [S/S of Brutal Rage's HTML5 Knight Demo]

    brandon [1:49 PM]
    Have you played brs version demo?

    billy [1:49 PM]
    Yeah, try the seed one it's hilarious

    brandon [1:50 PM]
    I couldn't even figure out how to play it ha

    I wanted to see the drsgo


    billy [1:51 PM]
    idk either, i think the egg has to survive a certain number of turns

    brandon [1:52 PM]
    How did he get exact unit models and the game board and stuff?

    billy [1:53 PM]
    he decompiled the game files from the .swf


    brandon [1:54 PM]
    I see, does that bring up copy right issues?

    billy [1:54 PM]
    it brings up ALL the copyright issues :^)

    brandon [1:54 PM]
    Hahah thought so :joy:

    brandon [2:01 PM]
    I need a new game too feed my addiction lol

    kash [2:07 PM]
    joined #general

    moose [3:36 PM]
    Yeah, last thing we need is a copyright lawsuit

    luxvero [3:58 PM]
    joined #general

    billy [3:59 PM]
    hi everyone! thanks for joining :simple_smile:

    luxvero [5:11 PM]
    tks billy, and hello everyone

    decompiling isn't the problem, even if redrawn by hand, it's still the same graphics hehe

    but changing the skin is easy, and even networking is easy, its a turn based, latency and bandwidth are no concerns, the game uses more traffic for messages than player actions

    the action parser is probably the most complex part

    billy [6:24 PM]
    Did you track the game's network load? that would be useful data to have ^_^

    meletus [6:26 PM]
    Brutal could have.. He has that bot on there all day for what 7 years?. I think at one point he suggested there was lot of data he had access if he was not a good guy.. But since he had permission to do the rankings he didn't explore them.

    billy [6:33 PM]
    haha cool, we gotta get BR in here

    brandon [6:34 PM]

    fran2689 [6:35 PM]
    joined #general

    billy [6:35 PM]
    br senpai fill out my form

    moose [9:09 PM]
    I agree

    the_one [9:47 PM]
    joined #general

    the_one [9:53 PM]
    Howdy y'all

    brandon [9:55 PM]
    Evening :wave:

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    billy [12:14 AM]
    hi team!

    guardiaanangel [12:16 AM]
    Sup everyone

    So the Arena reborn team grows steadily, thats cool. :simple_smile:

    bonesplitter [12:28 AM]
    joined #general

    bonesplitter [12:30 AM]

    bonesplitter here

    bonesplitter [12:35 AM]
    ive designed some nice 3d arena terrains on AUTOCAD if u guys are interested to see

    brandon [12:50 AM]
    Id love to see!

    brandon [12:59 AM]
    Welcome to the other side: D

    clarity [3:25 AM]
    joined #general

    clarity [3:29 AM]
    TAO is actually still online. The means to access the game via ordinary method no longer works, but I'm accessing it via a direct link and I think with some of my cache files

    Have a go at this link:


    Im logging into the game servers just fine

    guardiaanangel [3:32 AM]
    Naaah the link does not work :simple_smile: it is just cache.

    fran2689 [4:01 AM]
    Morning team!

    guardiaanangel [4:01 AM]
    More like afternoon

    fran2689 [4:05 AM]
    6:30 am in venezuela :relaxed:

    guardiaanangel [4:16 AM]
    13:16 in Prague

    clarity [4:29 AM] (97KB)

    Still working for me ! :simple_smile:

    onebyone [5:59 AM]
    joined #general

    billy [9:54 AM]
    @bonesplitter: sounds awesome!

    @clarity: give us your cache :smiling_imp:

    oh, jk, it works for me too

    brandon [12:03 PM]
    Doesn't work for me

    billy [12:39 PM]
    No one is online so you aren't missing too much

    jaytong [12:48 PM]
    joined #general

    enijar [2:00 PM]
    I'm still able to get on too

    [2:00] (323KB)

    billy [2:01 PM]
    @brandon: make sure you open the link on a PC that you've loaded TAO on

    billy [3:53 PM]
    uploaded and commented on a file
    Click to open original
    1 Comment
    Here's a presentation for my school project. It's selling it as a board game, but it can very easily be digitized :simple_smile:

    fran2689 [4:20 PM]
    @billy: Looks quite familiar to me

    billy [4:20 PM]
    but legally distinctive! copyright law 101

    fran2689 [4:25 PM]
    I like your project, if we can manage to bring back TAO, who knows, maybe we could start a crowdfunding in kickstart to start a more ambitious project in the near future

    moose [5:09 PM]
    I think the big thing now is RTS games and 3D modelling type games need something unique and addicting

    If you take Star Wars:Uprising that is a good example of a large scale build up even though it's also RPG based

    And we don't have lucasfilms resources lol

    But even if we start looking at it from a smaller build scale, the units should be able to gain experience and levels but if they die, you lose them forever kind of like final fantasy tactics

    fran2689 [5:23 PM]
    Have any of you tried " The Banner Saga" ?

    billy [5:36 PM]
    I don't think I like the idea of permanent loss - how would that motivate people to keep playing?

    @fran2689: nope! I'm going to give Uprising and The Banner Saga a shot later today

    fran2689 [5:45 PM]
    @billy: Yeah you should, the banner saga has gorgeous graphics; game mechanics are similar to TAO

    govnik [10:00 PM]
    joined #general

    govnik [10:27 PM]
    Imagine this, on the site there is a fiction story featuring a small number of base characters (Knight, Cleric, Scout, Wizard for example) in a fantasy world with many different lesser characters (D&Dish). Let's say these stories will cover 35-100 different characters (units) over time. Stories are released every 6-12 months, and during this time the units are updated. If the story covers Knight, Cleric, Scout, Wizard but they interact with Dragon, Zombie, Wolf, Assassin, Giant, Dryad, and Pikeman those units would be available to users to play with and create strategies for (could have multiples of some). Having a rotation, but keeping a diverse base group, allows for different strategies to emerge and keep the game fresh. Having a story written gives reason to revisit the main site (which could have a banner ad, revenue going towards paying for our own advertising), and interaction on the forums for strategy discussions, unit rotation speculation/suggestions, and that sort of thing that made Create-a-Unit and Tactics Strategy boards so fun back before TAO was "figured out". Having control over a unique story and a website with guides to the creatures allows for a bit of a deeper game without changing how much is actually in the game. We would have control over the balance of the game as well with the ability to make turtle-like defensive strategies easier (stone golem/furgon-eqsue creatures in package) or rush aggressive (Dragonspeaker mage, mud golem) or combo (multiple units that work well in combination with one another, but are weaker alone, like DSM but could design multiple concepts perhaps not as aggressive). The fundamentals of the game play could be very similar to TAO. One thing that made TAO such a great game was the lobby, clans, and forums which allowed the community to form. Those three elements should remain in the game. The lobby itself, with the mini arenas, often confused new players who did not understand how to play the game. I think the lobby is one way we could revamp the game considerably. One idea is like those sites that have a room and avatars that walk around with the name over them would be awesome, just approach another avatar and request a match or click a button that says "play now" to match up with an available player. The other idea is a map of our fantasy world with a play now button, or clicking on the map where a mini avatar is similar to how TAO was. This is long so I'm going to end it and post another message more relevant - just thought I'd shoot some ideas and get it back on topic.

    How many pixels do we have to work with height x width in regards to the background image? I would like to sketch some backgrounds up for lobby / game arena, but do not know how big we can play with (especially in regards to smart phones)

    billy [11:23 PM]
    @govnik: totally agree! expansion packs that tie into a progression of the lore are the best way to keep the game fresh - i.e. WoW, Magic the Gathering, etc

    The initial plan for my project had most of the gold units like dragon, golems, and zerker as their own expansion pack* (edited)

    and the wards (supplemented by a few of my own design) were another

    billy [11:31 PM]
    regarding phone dimensions: i'd stick with 1920x1080 (landscape)

    glad to see you here, btw! :simple_smile:

    brandon [11:59 PM]
    All this talk is making me excited!!

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