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Thread: Tao baseball daily h2h league

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    Default Tao baseball daily h2h league

    Alrite you wrinkly dicked cunts, this aint harem of the dead you shrimp dicked fucknuggets, this is the baseball league from which I was scoffed at by the fantasy gods. Taking signups as league renews soon. And yes I will be contacting all Baseball fans on FB and being highly annoying while getting people back in this league. Looking for a lot of people :

    Sign ups begin now jugglydicks.

    I plan on not losing this year.

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    I love this new gryph. I loved the old gryph, but new gryph is even better. Let's go!

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    I posted in ESPN, but when's draft?

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    Matt's here to hurt :'(

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    Quote Originally Posted by Greendaybum5 View Post
    I posted in ESPN, but when's draft?
    Working on it. I'm waiting for them to release the full WBC schedule and we'll go from there. Plus I'm of work Thursday, so I have enough time to sit down and look through some shit.

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    I keep looking at ADPs and mocks and whatnot and the rankings seem super fucked up. Theres so much talent all over at all these rounds.

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    Ya the influx of talented rookies that just came into the league is pretty much unprecedented.

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    I just finished another fantasy league (10 man h2h) This is the team I ended up with:

    C: Evan Gattis
    1B: Anthony Rizzo
    2B: Robinson Cano
    3B: Kris Bryant
    SS: Dansby Swanson
    2B/SS: Jedd Gyorko
    1B/3B: Greg Bird
    OF: Giancarlo Stanton
    OF: Nelson Cruz
    OF: Kyle Schwarber
    OF: Kevin Kiermaier
    OF: Jason Heyward
    UTIL: Jose Reyes
    RP: Edwin Diaz
    RP: Cody Allen
    RP: Andrew Miller
    RP: Dellin Betances
    SP: Jake Arietta
    SP: Gerrit Cole
    SP: Zach Grienke
    SP: Danny Salazar
    SP: Felix Hernandez
    SP: Steven Matz
    SP: Sonny Gray
    SP: Julio Urias

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