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Thread: Tao baseball daily h2h league

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    Quote Originally Posted by Hulky View Post
    I have a Sunday date, but I think I'll still be able to draft. We are doing wine tasting, so I don't know if I'll miss a round or two. It's at 4:30 PST (7:30EST) I think so I might try the mobile app if we are on the way home. You can switch from mobile to laptop mid-draft right (or should I just custom big board the first two round for insurance)?
    you can go back and forth between app and laptop as much as you want.

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    Pretty happy with how my draft went. Urias is gonna be a stud

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    Im cool with mine as well.

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    The most frustrating part is that I didn't draft Joey Votto so my team name now doesn't make sense and I dunno a good new one. :'(

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    I'm sad I didn't really get very good late pitching. I didn't do my homework this year at all lol. Marez and hulky I think did the best Jobs late in the draft. Hulkys team is really dangerous, but he has a ton of risk. Haven't really looked into anyone else's teams as of yet cause I'm at work, but hulkys team caught my eye with all the high risk high reward players. Fantasy is so much more fun with players like that.

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    I need an OF. I've got 2 stud Second Basemen and i'll part with one to get an OF.

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    C: Gary Sanchez
    1B: Greg Bird
    2B: Jonathan Schoop
    SS: Dansby Swanson
    3B: Jose Ramirez
    OF: Bryce Harper
    OF: Yoenis Cespedes
    OF: Miguel Sano
    UTIL: Hunter Pence
    BEN: Yoan Moncada

    RP: Aroldis Chapman
    RP: Edwin Diaz
    RP: Addison Reed
    SP: Corey Kluber
    SP: Stephen Strasburg
    SP: Steven Matz
    SP: David Price
    SP: Blake Snell
    SP: Sonny Gray
    SP: Joe Ross
    SP: Jordan Zimermann
    SP: Mike Foltynewicz

    I don't know where my team's weaknesses are (not cocky, I don't know baseball lol) but I have some young unproven guys like Gary Sanchez, Greg Bird, Dansby Swanson, Blake Snell and maybe Yoan Moncada if he comes up into the majors. A lot of my pitchers are injury risks, but when I was researching it seemed to me reaching on guys or getting good injury risks were the two options. I wanted to either do something like Scherzer into Rizzo/Votto, Goldschmidt into Kluber or wait and get Bird while addressing other things and I'm happy I got one of my three plans. I dunno if I kinda punted though (too many young guys/injury risks), but #yolo.

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    I feel like your offense is heavily reliant on Bryce Harper regressing to his 2015 numbers. Talent is there but it's hard to see happening. You have a lot of question marks in your bats. As far as pitching goes, you're pretty dominant.

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    Kluber Strasbourg price all sp1 or 1.5

    Matz snell sp1 potential

    Gray Ross Zimmerman all likely middle of the rotation guys

    And foltynevics or whatever who I don't know much about. Really really good staff with 5 potential aces.

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    With the bats I think bird and Sanchez might be overhyped because theyre yankees, schoop is probably below average slightly at 2b, Swanson I think is still a year or two away from being really relevant fantasy wise and he's more a RL player anyways. Jose ramirez is pretty underwhelming and a regression candidate. But you're outfield I'd pretty nice.

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