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Thread: Mlb 2020

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    Default Mlb 2020

    Hey guys, feel free to post in this thread, but I'm just going to be posting my thoughts here as to what MLB teams might look like in 2020. Don't know why I decided to do this, but it will be a fun excersize for me to see how many players I can get right and on each team. I'll be trying to post a new team every day. Only going to be posting the starters, the closer, the sps and I'll highlight some potential sleepers that I've left out on each team. Cheers.

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    Then Hulky can create a projected budget and payroll for each team. Exciting stuff.
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    Default Blue Jays

    At C: Rising prospect Danny Jansen takes over from Russel Martin as the jays look to get younger at the position. He struggles in his full time role hitting every day, but plays more then adequate defense behind the plate. Player Salary: 500k pre arb

    At 1b: Future hall of famer, Vlad Guerrero Jr is one of the most complete hitters in the game at the tender age of 21. Player Salary: 500k pre arb

    At 2b: Devon Travis, in his prime at this point and one of the jays many leaders in the clubhouse. Hitting 20 homers a year with passable defense he makes an all star team some time between now and then. Player Salary: 8-13million arb3 or bridge contract.

    At 3b: The Jays declining superstar, Josh Donaldson is signed long term. Still one of the better players in the league, but not a perennial mvp candidate, he plays a third of his year at DH. Player Salary: 30-35 million

    At SS: Troy Tulowitzki is a shell of the player he once was. Struggling to stay on the field, the jays try to squeeze every last bit out of troy in the final year of his massive contract. He plays some time at 1b and dh but amazingly still plays a passable ss. He Derek Jeters himself to a replacement level season despite only playing in 90 games. Player Salary: 14 million, last year of contract.

    In LF: An aging superman gets bumped from his perch in CF and moves to left. By now, his defensive skill will be declining, but he will have become a more complete hitter and still be extremely useful defensively in left. He bats 290 and mashes 20 bombs for the first time in his career. Pillar btw lol. Player Salary: 8-13 mill arb3 or bridge.

    In CF: Jays highly touted prospect Anthony Alford finally gets his chance to play full time for the jays after crushing AAA. Still just 25 years old, Alford enjoys a bit of a breakout season with the jays, but struggles to hit at a replacement level. Player Salary: 500k pre arb

    In RF: 23 year old Converted SS Bo Bichette is a burgeoning young force and steals the rf job from Dalton Pompey who becomes a very decent switch hitting bench bat for the jays with good speed and the ability to play all over the OF. Bichette wins the rookie of the year 1 year after Vlad Jr won it. Player Salary: 500k pre arb

    At DH: The Jays cleanup hitter Rowdy Tellez hits 260 in his second year with the club and plays some of his time at 1b. Hits 25 bombs and gets 100 rbi for the first time in his career. Player Salary: 500k pre arb

    SP1: Stroman is firmly entrenched as the #1 starter on the team at this point. Not quite an ace, but very solid and very durable, stroman is a reliable #1 for the jays. Player Salary: 13-18 mill arb3/bridge

    SP2: Aaron Sanchez. The often injured Sanchez never fully develops into an elite pitcher, but at this point in his career is looking for a big contract and has the second best year of his career (behind 2016, which proves to be the best we ever see from sanchez). Player Salary: 10-15 mill Arb3 or bridge

    SP3: Joe Biagini. Solid and durable, the jays' long man of the present solidifies his role in the starting rotation in 2018 and never looks back. 8-13 mill arb3 or bridge.

    SP4: Drew Pomeranz. The big lefty signs with the jays in 2019. Still in the prime of his career, Pom enjoys another solid year as the jays #4 starter despite still being injury prone. Player Salary: 15-20 mill free agent

    SP5: Marco Estrada. After resigning with the jays on a 3 year deal in 2018, Marco remains a solid option and flashes his former dominance fairly often, but at this point, his fastball is maxing out at 87 and he's more homer prone then ever. He manages to give the jays 180 innings and a 500 record while he's on the mound. Player Salary: 18-23 mill free agent.

    The Jays closer: Roberto Osuna remains a dominant arm out of the bullpen and is on pace to beat Mariano Rivera's all time save record. 8-13 mill arb3 or bridge.

    Mentionables: TJ Zeuch and Sean-Reid Foley remain in the jays system, despite struggling in the high minors and are the jays depth starting pitchers. That being said, unheralded pitching prospect Ryan Borucki is the first man up to replace any of the jays SPs. Former first round pick Max Pentecost remains in the system and potentially breaks onto the scene in 2019 over Jansen as the jays catcher. His development is very stunted as a 24 year old in single a right now, but I believe his bat could potentially play anywhere. We'll see where he ends up. Semi touted prospect Richard Urena proves to be a very serviceable infield utility bat for the jays and is able to play SS, 2b, 3b and the corner of spots.

    Outlook: the jays are in playoff contention STILL despite not reaching the playoffs since the 2017 season (yes they make it this year). No very interesting trades have occurred for the team despite some bullpen additions here and there and the jays rely on player development more then they have in years passed under new president Mark Shappiro. Having a middle of the pack rotation and a mix of vets and very promising young position player talent, the jays come up short to the Yankees and Red Sox super teams in the division and despite probably being the 4th best team in the entire AL, they miss the playoffs again.

    Estimated Team Salary total: 175-180 million.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Hugh View Post
    Then Hulky can create a projected budget and payroll for each team. Exciting stuff.
    Lol I was thinking of doing that myself, but it would be too hard to estimate. I can say for sure that the jays payroll with what I've posted here would be in and around 175mill per year.
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    The White Sox are a cool one to look at

    C: Zack Collins (25)
    1B: Jose Abreu (33)
    2B: Yoan Moncada (25)
    SS: Tim Anderson (26)
    3B: Todd Frazier (34)
    LF: Yasiel Puig (29, Snipe in 2020 FA or some kind of Jose Quintada deal)
    CF: Luis Robert (22)
    RF: Avisail Garcia (28)

    SP: Carlos Rodon (27)
    SP: Michael Kopech (24)
    SP: Lucas Giolito (25)
    SP: Reynaldo Lopez (26)
    SP: Spencer Adams (24)
    Long Reliever/Set Up: Carson Fulmer (26)
    CP: Zach Burdi (25)
    Zach Collins will have developed a relationship with Kopech, Giolito, Lopez and Adams in the minor leagues which the familiarity with each other makes it click as they enter the majors together. Abreu provides leadership to his Cuban teammates Moncada, Robert and Puig. Garcia, Frazier and Anderson continue to hold their ground from today's roster.

    The pitching has a lot of high velocity guys and a lot of youth.

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    Ya white Sox looks fun. I think my favourite system is the reds though. Don't know why, just like them.

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    Default Boston Red Sox

    C: Sandy Leon. Somewhat underrated Sandy Leon continues to grind for the starting catcher job with other Red Sox prospects, but manages to earn the starting job for good in 2018. Player Salary: 5-10 mill arb3 or bridge

    1b: Josh Ockimey/Sam Travis Platoon. After surpassing Sam Travis on the minors depth chart, Ockimey replaces Hanley in 2019 in an impressive rookie season on the strong side of this platoon. On days where Pedroia plays 2b, Ockimey will DH. Player Salary: 500k pre arb

    2b: Captain Pedroia is in the twilight of his career, but still a very useful player. His fundamentals and conditioning allow him to play until he is 40 and he makes a very strong hall of fame case. Plays about a third of his games at DH and is replaced in the lineup on those days by unheralded prospect Tzu-Wei Lin who is the new super utility player on the team (brock Holt esque). Player Salary: 13 mill, second last year of contract.

    Ss: Xander Bogaerts. Still one of the best SS in the game and entering his prime, Xander will be only 27 in 2020. Signed long term to a big contract too. Player Salary: 18-23 mill, free agent

    3b: Rafael Devers. Super prospect Devers graduates from the minors in 2018 after crushing Aaa. Although a bit early in his development still, the 21 year old bursts onto the scene and wins the rookie of the year. By 2020 he is a regular all star contender. Player Salary: 500k pre arb

    OF: Benintendi, Bradley JR, Betts. The best outfield in the game is fairly untouchable. Player Salary: 3-5 mill arb1 for Benintendi, 8-13 mill arb3 or bridge for Bradley jr, 13-18 mill arb3 or bridge for Betts.

    DH: Fluid position for Pedroia and co. The red Sox very surprisingly will not overspend on a big bat to play the dh/1b position in 2020 giving some of there young guys the opportunity while resting Pedroia as much as possible. Josh Ockimey, Sam Travis, Pedroia will see the lions share of at bats here. Player Salary: 500k pre arb

    SP1: Chris Sale. He's not goin anywhere and Dombrowski will make sure of that by signing him to a monstrous deal. The red Sox position players are still cheap enough at this point in the team development, but the red Sox climb into the luxury tax in 2019 with this signing. They are all in for the 2019/2020 seasons and Chris sale remains a top 5 pitcher in the league. Player salary: 30-35 mill

    SP2: Eduardo Rodriguez. After struggling a bit in his first few seasons, Erod puts it all together in 2018. On most teams, he would be the SP1, but with Sale in tow, the red Sox have one of the best 1-2 punches in the league. Player Salary: 10-15 mill arb3 or bridge

    SP3: David Price. Not nearly as good as he once was, Price is clearly on the decline at this point. But with the money he's owed, the red Sox are willing to give him every opportunity to figure things out. Price remains a very serviceable pitcher, but never bounces back to being an elite one. Player Salary: 32mill

    SP4: Jake Odorizzi. With a little extra spending money to spare in 2020, the red Sox take a swing on Odorizzi who is at this point still coming into his own. Among the best 4th options in the league, odorizzi has a career year in Boston 2020. Player Salary: 15-18 mill free agent

    SP5: another fluid position because of the red Sox luxury tax crunch. They decide to let Jason Groome take the job even though he proves in his time at aaa in 2019 he is not quite ready. Groome ends up failing and returning to aaa 10 starts in, making way for depth pitcher Tyson Ross who proves to be an excellent reclamation project after struggling to get back from injury plagued seasons since 2016. Player Salary: 500k-3mill (incentivised minor league contract)

    Closer: impressed with Kimbrel's killer instinct and leadership, the red Sox offer kimbrel a 5 year contract in 2019 and he doesn't disappoint. Still a dominant closer in 2020, kimbrel records 50 saves en route to winning reliever of the year. Player Salary: 15-18 mill

    Mentionables: as highlighted a bit earlier, I've got unheralded ss prospect Tzu-Wei Lin as the heir apparent to Pedroia. In 2018, Lin will be a very valuable utility infielder and by 2022 he will be the starting 2b. Jason Groome, the red Sox best pitching prospect will eventually be at least an SP3 in the big leagues, but will struggle with command issues until he is in his later 20s. 3b prospect Micheal Chavis will also be in the mix at DH for the team in 2020, but I see him being traded before then for bullpen help.

    Outlook: Perrenial championship contenders with Dave Dombrowski at the helm, the red Sox farm system has taken a pretty big hit already. I don't see this trend stopping. Dombrowski will continue to use red Sox prospects as currency to win now and the red Sox will be contenders with this awesome core of young players as long as sale and price can pitch into there 30s. I see the Red Sox being the best or second best team in the AL depending on how bonkers the Yankees go in free agency.

    Estimated total team salary: 220 mill
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    I don't even know what your budget is or how much money everybody will make in 3 years

    how do you not know this stuff?

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    Alrighty. I'll do a rough estimation for each player.

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    I want marital status, number of kids, model of car, facial hair length, etc

    all the important details

    the stuff Hulky knows

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