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Thread: If you can't register, or post, or see the forum

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    Default If you can't register, or post, or see the forum

    Post here or private message me to upgrade you to Registered User.

    Registered Users can post in nostalgia and new game boards and all that.

    If someone knows who you were you will be added to TAO Community, but otherwise it's not TAO related at this point and it's private community.

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    Quote Originally Posted by PattyP
    Quote Originally Posted by Wizzy`
    Quote Originally Posted by PattyP
    I was doing some hardcore digging to find out what happened to TAO, ended up here.

    I recognize so many of these names o the forums, but especially yours. Hoping you remember me.

    Name back then on forums and most servers was "Mad-Eye" Let me know if you do!

    Hey - I'll let hulky know, he's the only one who can manually register accounts. The automated email service is wacky. I do remember the name Mad-Eye, just not sure why you'd remember me out of anyone else, like Hugh for example.

    anyway, I'll PM hulky now.
    I tried checking the member list and it seems Mad-Eye was deleted or its not showing or was never transferred maybe bc of lack of activity but I recall checking on the original forums a few years back and logging in fine.

    Have a pretty crazy story to share.

    can't wait to hear his crazy story

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    I had made him part of the TAO Community but he was just browsing the Profession thread and not posting for 20 minutes so I felt uncomfortable with that. He can post in these threads until we know he isn't an alt or something like that. Just weird to me to get access and go lurk immediately into the more private info thread.

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    I was more than 50% sure its Kash. Cliche shouldn't have made that stupid thread. No reason the actual Mad-Eye would remember me out of anyone else. He was either Netjak or SI and would definitely remember others before me. That's why I posted the PM's. They were funny to me.

    I'm just a pessimistic guy though.

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    I was typing a long reply, hence the inactivity. My bad. And Wizzy I rememeber you because you were one of the more active people in the forums at the time and im fairly certain we replied to a lot of each others shit. ESPECIALLY the thread about continuing a story with 1 word lol.

    Also Cliche should remember me. He DESPISED me.

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    Idk man. I was fairly certain. But it was a long time ago. Hulk I pmd you. I was typing in that profession thread and had to save my reply to notepad bc when I went to reply I didn't have access. Not trying to pull anything here.

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    do you have a facebook

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    If I could see the old Bragging Rights thread and see the photobucket account name in which I posted screenshots from, I could log into it and show you. If that isn't a possibility, I'll have to wait until someone else is on that I have info that would verify my story, however in my reply to the professions thread I have a lot of info that should validate it.

    I've tried my best to remember what the acount name was to my original photobucket, I had an ALT account back in the day called "The Arena" and have a photobucket with it, but I didnt put s/s on that one. Heres a ton of dumb forum banners I had.

    I'd appreciate being able to post this typed out reply in the profession thread and i assure you it will have validity, lol.

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    alright should have access again
    just there is a person with a lot of alts that isn't allowed back and we don't want peoples personal life details available to that person, hence this

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    No worries, apologize for the confusion.

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